Career Center

The SHPE Career Center offers a variety of product options to fit your needs. If you have an individual opening, you can post a single job online or purchase a single database search.

However, if you will be hiring regularly for several months, your best value will be the products offering unlimited postings and database access.

Career Center ProductsPrice (net)ExpirationSavings
Single 60-day Posting $275 60 days  
5-posting Job-pack $825 365 days 40%
10-posting Job-pack $1295 365 days 53%
Three Months Unlimited Postings $1295 90 days  
Six Months Unlimited Postings $2225 183 days 14%
One Year Unlimited Postings $3495 365 days 33%
Single Search in Resume Database $795 60 days  
Three Months Unlimited Database Access $1495 90 days  
Six Months Unlimited Database Access $2285 183 days 24%
One Year Unlimited Database Access $3595 365 days 40%
Three Months Unlimited Postings & Database $2145 90 days 23%
Six Months Unlimited Postings & Database $3295 183 days 27%
One Year Unlimited Postings & Database $4965 90 days 29%
  • All products require immediate payment by credit card (AmEx, Discover, MC, Visa)
  • All prices are NET and all sales are final
  • Postings require approval before going live (typically within 48 hours)
  • Purchase Orders accepted for packages that include unlimited postings and/or resume database access

You can login to the career center above, or access it directly at (be sure to book mark this for quick access) and any questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.