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SHPE Elva L. Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Elva L. Donnell was a pioneer for SHPE. She helped the founding fathers of the Society of Professional Engineers (SHPE) accomplish their dream.  She assisted in laying the foundation of SHPE National and SHPE-Greater Los Angeles Chapter. She was a liaison between corporations, educational institutions and society and participated in leadership roles. Elva passed away on March 2, 2015. 

Elva Donnell was instrumental in establishing the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, SHPE. In 1974 as soon as we had our first meetings she joined and volunteered to develop funding for SHPE. She was working at the time for Rockwell International and had a network of aerospace corporations she worked with. She encouraged and helped SHPE plan its fund raising banquets bringing in several corporations to participate. She unselfishly gave her time and advice so that SHPE would realize its goals. It can be safely stated that without Elva SHPE would not have grown as quickly as it did and might have not ever become the organization it is today.

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