Region 3


Welcome to the Region 3 Page. Your source for all Region 3 news and updates. Who are we? Region Three! Out of SHPE's seven regions, region III is the largest geographically but yet it has the fewest chapters/memberships. We are going to have to come together this year like we never have before in the past. Even though we are so spread out does not mean we can not get together within our states.

The biggest thing that all Hispanics our about is family and with family we grow into the people we are today. If we come together within our states and become a family then we will be unstoppable in everything we want to accomplish this year. Chapter leaders make it a point to get all of the information out to the rest of the student members. Members participate and take advantage of what is trying to be given to you. Not everybody is given the chance to be where you are right now please take advantage of the opportunities. All it takes are leaders like you to bring motivation to our Hispanic community.


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