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Build A Farmer’s Future: Hackathon theme overview

76% of U.S. farmworkers identify as Latino(a)/Hispanic, as reported by Farmworker Justice in 2014. (1) In collaboration with the National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association, we have chosen to focus our technical talent on improving the health monitoring of farmworkers.  

Various entities are involved in ensuring appropriate work conditions for people in the farming fields:

  • OSHA – sets regulations and supervises the adherence to such regulations; fines farms/farm owners who do not comply
  • Farm Owners – responsible for developing and implementing Injury & Illness Prevention Programs that effectively address various dangers associated with farm work, from operating tractors to supplying water in the field
  • Crew Leaders – oversee farmworkers in the field, day to day, ensuring that workers are both adhering to OSHA regulations, and maintaining an appropriate level of production/output
  • Farmworkers – individual workers are responsible for self-monitoring and adjusting their production accordingly.  They need to monitor the color of their urine, their level of exhaustion, their thirst, and heat tolerance.

Who can sign up for the Hackathon?

Professionals and students! This event is open to college students, entrepreneurs, and computing professionals who enjoy the challenge of software development.

What are we going to be doing in the competition?

You will be creating a software solution that helps monitor the health of farmworkers.  You will be creating a wireframe diagram of your proposed solution, plans for the architecture of your application, and a final copy of the code produced.

Are we building apps?

This solution can be in the form of a web application, or a mobile application.  It can be for Android or iOS.  It can be Linux, Windows, or Mac.  

Do I have to be an experienced programmer? What level of experience is required?

You do not have to be an experienced programmer.  However, you should be familiar with the software development process so that you can make a valuable contribution to the product and to your team.  Ideally, you will bring at least a course in a computer programming language.

When does the Hackathon begin?

Registration opens Wednesday, November 2 at 3pm.  The Hackathon kicks off at 6pm the same day.

I arrive on Thursday.  Can I participate in the competition?

YES. However, you must arrive and be present by 3pm at the Convention Center, in time for the first Qualifying Round. If you do not arrive by 3pm, you will not be able to participate in the competition.

On Wednesday Nov. 2, the competition kicks off at 6pm PST. We will live stream the Wednesday evening Customer Discovery session so you can watch it. We will make all the documents and materials available to you via DevPost.com. Make sure you register for DevPost.com and sign up for the Build A Farmer’s Future Hackathon.

I arrive on Wednesday but my teammates arrive on Thursday.  Can we be a team for the competition?

Yes. However, your teammates MUST be present by 3pm PST at the Convention Center in order to participate.

In addition, it will be a disadvantage to you if the other teams have 12 hours of head-time. We have made every possible effort to ensure we create a level-playing field for all teams. You can work virtually with your team until they arrive, but we will not allow teams with people who are not physically present at the time of submission

What are the prizes?

First place is $10,000 for the winning team, courtesy of Macys.com
Second place is $5,000, and third place is $3,000, both courtesy of GE.

Is the prize money for the chapter?

No. The prize money is for the members of the team.  They can use this money as they see fit, including the possibility to develop their idea into a business!  Of course, you can give money to your chapter if you wish.

Can I participate as an individual?

No.  You can register as an individual, but if you are not part of a team, you will be assigned to a team during the Hackathon Kick-Off event on Wednesday November 2.  

How many people can be in a team?

Teams will be no less than 3 people, no more than 5 people.  You will register as an individual for the hackathon, and attend the hackathon as a team.  If you have less than 5 team members, and we have individuals without a team, a member might be assigned to your team once you arrive in Seattle.  For example, if you have a team of 2 people, we (SHPE) can add up to three people to your team once you arrive in Seattle.

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