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SHPE is proud to present the 2016 SHPE Pre-College Symposium, an annual two-day program for high school students held in conjunction with the SHPE Conference.  The SHPE Jr. Design Challenge hosted by the University of Washington, College of Engineering and sponsored by the National Security Agency will be held on Friday, November 4.  The Pre-College Symposium will be held on Saturday, November 5 at The Conference Center at the Washington State Convention Center.

This year’s event will inspire high school students to attend college and pursue STEM careers.  High school students can expect two days of exciting and empowering hands-on workshops led by Facebook, the U.S. Army and SHPE, a College Fair and networking with STEM professionals, university representatives and college students.

The program is $5 per student and includes a light continental breakfast and lunch at the Pre-College Symposium. Students have the option to also participate in the Design Challenge as part of the $5 registration fee (lunch and dinner provided).

For hotel requests, please contact JB Morris at JB Morris, RHS at (903) 786-4300 or jbmorris@resquest.com.

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SHPE Pre-College Symposium Workshop Sponsors:

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SHPE Jr. Design Challenge University Host:


Questions?  Email precollege@shpe.org

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2015 SHPE Pre-College Symposium Student Testimonials:

“This pre-college symposium is [an] academic experience that is really interesting because you learn about what you can be in the future and it have a lot of fun.”

“I learned that collaboration is effective in problem-solving, and engineering has a lot of problem-solving.”

“I’m double majoring in business & marketing and industrial engineering and thanks to SHPE for introducing me to the engineering world two years ago in Indianapolis [2013 PreCollege] and making an easier decision when it came to choosing my major! Thank you”

“My experience was unforgettable. It was really fun and worth it”

“Well, the pre-college symposium was very fun, and very interesting and it has made my mind to be set on engineering.”

“Best field trip I ever had that was educational”

2015 SHPE Jr. Design Challenge Student Testimonials:

“It was an unforgettable experience that led me [to] think more about my future.”

“I enjoyed it a lot. Technology is so amazing. I love how we can change the world by advancing it with something new.”

“A unforgettable experience that led me to want what we worked on.”

“It was fun and unforgettable.”

“That was freaking awesome to learn more of the Intel technology”

“I learned that not everything is easy in life and you have to go through a process to achieve”

“I love it and hoped to be a part of it next year even though I graduate.”

“My favorite part was watching it work before it restarted because it was like – ‘wow, I actually did this.’”