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Thursday November 3rd

EQ: Art of Persuasion and Influence
Full day workshop

Designed specifically for scientists and engineers to learn systematic methods to develop good standing in the organization, present better arguments, and motivate other people…and have them still like you. You will learn to assess audiences and tailor messages for maximum effectiveness.  Students will also learn formal and informal methods to structure reasoned arguments in a narrative approach. The workshop includes recommended methods to stack and arrange message content according to purpose and audience. Participants will practice what they learn with peers in role-play activities.

  • Ability to use the three tools of persuasion – character, reason, and feelings – to structure effective arguments
  • Ability to read audiences in order to motivate them to action
  • Ability to tailor communications for specific purposes, with a special emphasis on leadership and project management communications



ERG Track:  Accelerate your career through Employee Resource Groups
PRESENTED BY: Michael Gutierrez and Ana Luisa Mendoza
Lunch workshop (11am-1pm)

An engaging workshop to showcase the value of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide to members.  Learn firsthand how joining and actively participating in ERGs provide opportunities for professional development and career growth at your company.



Half-day workshop (1-5pm)

An engaging and dynamic course for those interested in Project Management, participants will work interactively to create key project artifacts that demonstrate mastery of the subject matter. The course covers the core topics for the PMP® Exam, and prepares participants to effectively study for the PMP® Exam. Attendees will learn the basics of project management and the PMP® Exam Syllabus according to the PMBOK® Guide Fifth Edition.

  • Project initiation
  • Developing a robust project management plan
  • Collecting requirements, define scope, and develop a basic project schedule
  • How to effectively lead all aspects of a project
  • Monitoring and controlling the project according to time, cost, scope, risk and other areas
  • How to effectively close a project
  • How to prepare for the PMP exam


Friday November 4th – Two Full Day Workshops

EQ: Critical Thinking and Decision Making for Leaders
Full day workshop

Do you want to get ahead in your organization? Then learn how to make good decisions. The single most important quality of a leader is the ability to make decisions.

Critical thinking is the use of specific skills to make the best decision possible under the circumstances. These skills include framing decisions, asking questions, and identifying and managing risk. This workshop explores the dynamics of individual and group decision making with a focus on exposing hidden forces that can derail a good decision, and developing skills that foster a good decision process. The workshop is experiential and participatory, with students engaged in various decision exercises throughout the day.  Participants will leave with understandings of:

  • Identifying and managing predictable behaviors that impede good decisions
  • Performing self-assessment to optimize personal behavior in decision making
  • Leading others in a good decision-making process



ERG Track:  Panel Discussion: Strategies in Launching a Successful ERG/Organization
Lunch workshop (11am-12:30pm)

Starting a successful and lasting organization/ERG is not a trivial task; one needs to consider the structure of the organization, the people to keep it moving, and a supportive sponsor/advocate for the organization.  Come and listen to experts in the field talk about their experiences and learn the ins and outs of starting and leading an organization that stands the test of time.



ERG Track:  Simply All-In – Meet the GE Affinity Networks
Lunch workshop (12:35pm-2pm)

In this dynamic and engaging session, participants have the opportunity to learn how GE’s Affinity Networks contribute to the diversity game plan – who they are, what they do and how they are so successful; listen to a GE moderated panel of industry leaders discussing best practices for sustaining and executing high performing networks/ERGs; and engage in an interactive break-out session to share ideas and experiences.



Full day workshop

Whether you are striving toward professional goals, personal success, an executive presence or an authentic leadership style, this program is for you. Attendees will begin by examining their unique strengths, weaknesses, goals, aspirations and environment. They will then develop a plan to propel their progress in important areas of their careers and lives. The workshop covers topics such as:

  •  Navigation basics
  •  Executive presence
  •  Personal branding
  •  Coaching and mentoring