Expertly-designed webinars accessible from anywhere. At no cost to our members. You in? We thought so.


Sharpen your professional edge

Identify that special something—that X-factor—and learn to use it to excel as a student, a professional, and leader. This series of carefully curated webinars focuses on early career readiness and professional development.

After each session, participants will:

  • Gain a competitive edge in the workforce
  • Increase skills for transitioning into the corporate world
  • Become a more qualified candidate for industry partners
  • Strengthen their professional presence in person and online
  • Be well-prepared for interviews during the National Convention

These hour-long webinars are offered monthly and at no cost. Mark your calendar now for 8 pm ET/5pm PT on the last Wednesday of every month (Well, almost every month. Be sure to check the schedule)!

For past webinars, view our latinXfactor YouTube channel.

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