Frequently Asked Questions


  • When will I get my login information for the platform?

    The platform opened on Monday, October 19. All registrants received an email with access and login information on that day from SHPE. If you don't receive it, first check your spam!

    If you still cannot find the email, please try this -

    Username: [the email address you used to register]
    Password: [the confirmation number from your registration confirmation email]

  • What are the virtual room capacities? Will any events be full?

    Yes! Just like at the in-person convention, there is a max capacity for each session and event. So be sure you're early to get in.

    The capacity depends on the kind of event it is:

    Pre-recorded sessions with live Q&A: 500
    Live stream events: 8,000
    Collaboration rooms: 250
    Sponsor Showcase: 40
    Zoom rooms: 300

    All sessions will be recorded and made available in the On-Demand Library on the platform through October 31. After that, they will be moved to another platform and all registrants will receive access to them for the next year - until the 2021 convention.

    NOTE: Live Q&A and Collaboration Rooms will not be recorded.

  • What is the best way to prepare for the convention?

    The Convention Readiness sessions, hosted by SHPE and Chevron, prepare convention attendees for how the convention will work. You do not want to miss these! They'll review the platform, the different events, and everything you need to know to succeed at this year's convention! There are four time slots available, so add one to your schedule now. See the schedule >

    Try your best to attend the session live so you can ask questions. But if a session is full and you can't get in, don't worry! All sessions are made available in the On-Demand Library as soon as they're over so you can still watch it.

    BONUS TIP! There are latinXfactor™ webinars available online if you want to learn from the experts about interviewing, networking, and other convention skills. View playlist >

  • How will I be able to meet new contacts virtually?

    Once you are logged into the platform, set up your profile. After you set up your profile, under the “Connections” tab to go “Networking” to set up your networking experience. The system will then connect you with other attendees that match your interests. Most people include their LinkedIn info in their profile, so be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn now so that you're still connected when the convention ends.

  • What are the system requirements and technical information?

    Laptop or desktop with internet connection, webcam, and microphone. Using the Chrome browser is strongly recommended and VPN must be turned off to allow for camera interactions. If you do not have Chrome, you can download it here.

    Here are the technical FAQs for the platform.

  • How do I get an interview for a job or internship?

    First, please watch this video:

    1) Visit the Career Fair and explore the over 230 booths available from Oct 19-30. Once you select an organization you would like to meet with, select the "Pre-Screening" button on the right side of their booth profile.

    2) Complete the pre-screening questions and upload your resume. (You may upload a tailored resume for each booth you visit.)

    3) A recruiter will review your submission and either invite you to join a 5-minute screening during the Career Fair OR skip a screening and invite you to an interview or personal meeting that may occur anytime between October 26 - 30.

    4) These invites could either be to interview for internships, co-ops, or full-time offers, but in some cases may be for informational interviews or meet & greets. They may occur within the platform or externally using Zoom, Teams, or Skype. If invited to meet with a recruiter, you will receive more information from the exhibitor directly. This also means you will bypass the screening step that happens during Career Fair hours.

    5) If you're selected for a 5-minute screening you will receive a notification via email. Simply visit the selected booth during the open Career Fair hours. You will get assigned a number for your place in line (depending on when you showed up) and wait in the queue line until the next available recruiter is available.

    6) Yes, you can wait in up to 3 lines at the same time, but be careful to watch the counter, because when it hits 0 then it's your turn and you'll be pulled into the face-to-face screening. If you miss a screening you will not be able to re-screen with that exhibitor and miss your opportunity.

    7) After your 5-minute screening you may receive a 30-minute interview request from the recruiter. You can accept the request or decline it. If the time won't work for you, then you can decline and suggest a new time. The recruiter will work with you to find a time that works.

  • What are the key dates I should know?

    October 19, 9am ET | Platform opens
    October 20-22, 2-5pm ET | Sponsor Showcase
    October 20-24 | Competitions are live
    October 26-31 | Main Convention
    October 29, 12-6pm ET | Career Fair & Graduate School Expo
    October 30, 10am-4pm ET | Career Fair & Graduate School Expo

    There are currently no activities planned for October 31.

  • What is the dress code?

    Business attire on the top and casual attire on the bottom is appropriate for the virtual convention.

    You will be on camera for interviews, during collaborative sessions, and in one-on-one calls, so be aware of your appearance and your surroundings. We recommend you find a quiet, distraction-free, appropriate space to attend the event. Ideally, you'll be upright and attentive while on camera.

    And please remember to mute yourself and turn off your camera as needed to take breaks. (Don't take your laptop or phone on your break with you, please!)

  • What if I have a question that's not answered here?

    If you need technical support while using the platform, please use the virtual Help Desk found in the Lobby and under Information in the top navigation.

    For other support while on the platform, please visit the SHPE booth in the Career Fair from 10am - 7pm ET daily October 19 - 30.

    If you cannot get into the platform or have registration questions, please email

  • How do I upload my resume into the Career Center without the formatting getting messed up?

    Please try both PDF and Word with as little formatting as possible. One member mentioned using an older form of word then uploading it worked.

    But don't worry too much about formatting. The employers look at the information that gets transferred into their system template. Most employers will not download the uploaded resume. They just reference their version which includes the information they need.

    You also have a second opportunity inside the convention platform to upload your resume. And with each exhibitor, you can upload tailored resumes if you wish.

  • When I try to log in from my work computer, it won't let me access the website. What do I do?

    In many cases, employers have set up a firewall to keep employees from accessing websites which have not been pre-approved. This is most often done for security purposes. You will just need to ask your IT department to whitelist the convention website.

  • Do all of the sponsors have booths at the Career Fair?

    A few sponsors - including BAE Systems, Carrier, ExxonMobil, and Lockheed Martin - were unable to staff booths at the Career Fair this year, but we have over 200 other exhibitors who will be available.