SHPE 2020 National Convention

  • Virtual Convention

Academic Conference

The Academic Conference hosts students and faculty at all levels of higher education. Participants include undergraduate students from both community colleges and four-year institutions, graduate students, advisors, faculty, and administrators. Participants gain valuable resources and networking opportunities. They discover best-practices, find career opportunities, discover funding resources, and learn both the opportunities and challenges Hispanics face while earning STEM degrees and entering the STEM workforce. The Academic Conference is composed of five unique tracks tailored to address the particular needs of its respective audience as well as highlight innovative teaching and learning.


    Community college needs are unique.  This track is designed to meet those needs and provide participants with resources specific to community college participants through two sessions. These sessions prepare community college students to function in today’s transformation-driven culture with focus on building their personal network. 

    Rapid Change Sessions

    Expand Your Network - This panel session features SHPE Young Professionals who attended Community College during their educational journey.  The panelists will address both transitions Community College students face:  college to university and university to job. 

    Dream Big
    - This featured speaker will inspire the audience to seize all opportunities available, particularly ones unique to community college students. 


    The Undergraduate Track provides participants with diverse learning experiences to support them successfully transitioning into the STEM workforce. This track will incorporate all three pillars of the LeaderSHPE Model: Community, Organizational, and Personal Leadership. Session topics focus on leadership, technical skills, business acumen, and diversity and inclusion. These topics provide a solid foundation for launching their careers.


    Ascend Your Graduate Degree Career

    The Graduate Track showcases the vast array of industry and research opportunities available to current and future graduate students. Sessions include research methods, grant writing tips, and techniques for honing presentation skills. Participants will have opportunities to network, and gain insights on postdoctoral positions and funding their research. Subject matter experts, including the National GEM Consortium, will share successful strategies for underrepresented minorities at the graduate level in science and engineering.


    SHPE Chapter Advisors play critical roles in supporting Hispanic STEM students’ pathways to become future leaders and succeed in their careers. The Advisors Track focuses on developing mentoring skills, improving advisor-student interaction, and empowering advisors’ career development goals. Sessions focus on closing gaps and removing barriers between advisors and students. Networking across institutions will support collaboration, share ideas, and highlight successful strategies to support student success. In addition, the track will include a roundtable discussion. Session participants will share best practices, current research, advisor handbook development, and identify topics for future advisor professional development.


    The Deans Roundtable is strategically designed for Deans to collectively discuss strategies, best practices and lessons learned for recruiting and retaining Hispanics in engineering and STEM. The Deans’ Roundtable is an opportunity to convene engineering and STEM Deans to focus on issues relevant to supporting the success of Hispanics in STEM. This year’s Deans’ Roundtable agenda topics include: 

    (1) How COVID-19 Improved Engineering Education;

    (2) Aligning Cross Campus Efforts to Realize Hispanic Graduates;

    (3) Utilizing SHPE to Support Belongingness for Hispanic Students on Campus; 

    (4) Federal Agenda for Engineering and STEM Education; and

    (5) Partnerships for Impact through SHPE’s Academic Partnership Council.

    The agenda will support networking between Deans from across the nation, as well as sharing your campus’ commitment to realizing more Hispanic engineers.


    The Faculty Development Symposium (FDS) focuses on supporting early-career faculty navigate the promotion and tenure process, and helping post-doctorate and graduate students understand academic career pathways. Program officers for federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, will share information on key programs that fund engineering and STEM research. Additional workshops will focus on grant writing, teaching strategies, and publishing. Participants will network with tenured faculty role models from diverse disciplines as well as early-career colleagues from across the country. Participants will gain skills and resources to support their success in earning tenure and promotion. FDS builds a diverse community of engineering faculty to provide support and opportunities for collaboration.


    Renowned educators, researchers, scientists, and engineers are showcased in SHPE’s Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS). These professionals have made significant impacts on broadening access in the STEM field for the Hispanic community. Their presentations feature cutting-edge research, and communicate life lessons that inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. The four distinguished lectures include two STAR Award Winners, the Educator of the Year Award, and the Young Investigator Award, as well as, two honorary guest lecturers.


    We've partnered with TheDream.US to provide two innovative and engaging workshops addressing the barriers and challenges DREAMers face in getting into and through college, as well as, an entrepreneurship workshop focused on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to gain a cutting edge in the workforce.