SHPE 2020 National Convention

  • Virtual Convention

Cybersecurity Challenge

In an increasingly hyperconnected world, it is critical that our networks and information systems are not left vulnerable to hackers. According to Bain & Company, losses to businesses due to cyber attacks will account for $6 trillion by 2021, and not enough is being done to prevent this from happening. In order to predict and outsmart hackers, you must become a better one.

SHPE’s Cybersecurity Challenge will focus on empowering you and other STEM minds throughout the country to “Build Our Tomorrow Together.”

This event will include a virtual “capture the flag” challenge competition where you, along other participants around the country, will compete in teams to complete a series of interactive challenges within the shortest amount of time. Mentors, workshops, and networking events will allow you to build your network, improve your skills, and win cash prizes!