SHPE 2020 National Convention

  • Virtual Convention

SHPEtinas Conference

The SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in STEM Conference strives to accelerate Latina representation at all levels of corporate and academic STEM leadership while simultaneously affirming Latina identity. The SHPEtinas Conference hosts Latinas and Latinos at all levels of their educational and professional journey as well as academics and advisors.

Attendees will:

  • Learn from leading experts that support Latinas’ technical and leadership development enabling them with tools to succeed.
  • Engage openly in candid conversations with the SHPE familia discussing gender representation and career advancement.
  • Celebrate and highlight SHPEtinas’ technical achievements in the workforce and academia, what they are doing to move the needle, how they support advancements in their fields and communities, and ways they shake up the status quo.

The 2020 SHPEtinas: Igniting Latinas in STEM Conference continues to grow and has begun to transcend beyond the conference! As such, this year we crafted sessions around SHPEtina successes as #UNSTOPPABLE / #IMPARABLES. Sessions highlight embarking on the journey as a STEM professional, ascending the academic and professional ladder, and transcending beyond STEM careers.