2021 SHPE National Convention

  • Orange County Convention Center
  • Orlando, Florida

Virtual Pre-College Conference

Designed for high school students, their families, and their teachers, the SHPE Virtual Pre-College Conference will help shape students' views of STEM, college, academia, and corporate America. Participants engage in activities facilitated by our professional members and corporate partners. Workshops increase STEM awareness, STEM self-efficacy, and STEM identity. The conference also has portions designed for parents and educators so they can have the tools necessary to support their students’ pursuit of STEM and higher education.

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2 days of virtual hands-on STEM activities and workshops to explore college life and careers in STEM

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Students Advancing in Learning STEM (SAILS)
October 28 | 9:30am ET – 3pm ET

During the Students Advancing in Learning STEM conference (SAILS), students hear from college students and STEM professionals discussing college life, STEM education, career preparation, as well as other topics revolving around academic well-being. Students come out of the conference with an understanding of what STEM is and how they can become STEM scholars and professionals. Includes a session sponsored by the National Security Agency.

Engineering Design Challenge (EDC)
October 29 | 10am ET – 12pm ET

During the Engineering Design Challenge (EDC), students receive engaging resources and work together to find solutions to clean up a nuclear waste spill. Students will apply their problem solving skills to come up with an innovative solution to clean up the spill, protect human life and the environment; and then present their engineering solution to the world. By the end of the challenge, students will not only have gained an understanding of how engineering principles are used in the real world but they will also discover the engineer within them! Presented in partnership with Invention Convention Worldwide (ICW).


First Place: High Tech High School - The Hawks
Second Place: Paul Laurence Dunbar - El Conejo Malo
Third Place: Evanston Township High School - Bio Bosses

Registration for the High School Track is now closed.


    October 30 | 10am ET – 2pm ET

    The Educator Track provides educators with strategies for the STEM classroom and beyond. Speakers include STEM educators and innovators. Attendees will learn about current STEM standards and funding opportunities, takeaway strategies for STEM teaching, and share with each other about continued support for STEM success in the high school classroom.

    Includes a Fireside Chat led by Executive Director of the STEM Education Coalition, James Brown.

    Sponsored by Beats Unlocked by Facebook.

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    October 30 |10am ET – 12pm ET (ENGLISH)
    12:30pm ET – 2:30pm ET (SPANISH)

    Not sure how to prepare for your child's journey in pursuit of higher education? Are you aware of the resources available to enhance the college experience? Do you know why STEM is an excellent career path? If you have these questions and more, then this Parent Track is for you!

    The Parent Track is made up of two sessions. The first covers an in-depth overview of STEM and the potential career opportunities. The second session focuses on providing you with the tools to successfully help your child navigate through college both mentally and financially.

    Featuring the CEO of Papaya Tutor, Sandra Laplante.

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    Programa para padres esta disponible en español. Padres recibirán los recursos necesarios para apoyar a sus hijos tener exito en STEM (ciencia, tecnología, ingerniería y matemáticas). Con la directora general de Papaya Tutor, Sandra Laplante.

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    Contact SHPE Pre-College Conference Manager Elicia Magaña, eliciam@shpe.org

    Our Host Jay Flores

    Global STEM Ambassador Jay Flores knows just how important STEM is to the future of the world. He is masterful in connecting STEM to everyday life and motivating students to become tomorrow’s innovators. The power of STEM, Jay advocates, can help young girls and boys become super heroes, solve big (and little) problems and contribute their best ideas to improve our planet. Jay lives in the Miami area, but travels frequently for speaking engagements and to compete at an international level in Obstacle Course Racing. Learn more about Jay’s devotion to STEM by watching “WHY Everyone is Born an Engineer: Jay Flores at TEDx UW Madison” on YouTube.

    About Invention Convention Worldwide

    Invention Convention Worldwide (ICW) provides innovation, invention and entrepreneurial learning to instill problem identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills for life. Their purpose is to inspire young people to become innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs over the course of their K-12 careers.