2021 SHPE National Convention

  • Orange County Convention Center
  • Orlando, Florida

Resources for Virtual Exhibitors

Thank you for your support of SHPE and your decision to exhibit at the Virtual Career Fair on November 5 as part of the 2021 National Convention! The Career Fair and Graduate School Expo is always one of the most popular features of our convention and we know you'll enjoy being a part of it. If there's anything we can do to improve your experience, please just let us know.

Exhibitor List


Sponsor Portal Virtual Booth Upload
Sponsor Portal Link
October 1
Main contact will receive login details to upload virtual booth content

Booth Portal & Cue Line Assignment
Booth Portal Link

Week of October 18
Main contact will receive separate login credentials and link for the Booth Portal site where staff roles are assigned and cue line questions added

Virtual Booth Preview
October 22
You will have access to view your virtual booth and make any final changes

*Staff Booth Portal Training
Monday, October 18
11:00 AM EST

Virtual Booth Completion
Friday, October 22
No edits can be made to the booth in preparation to go live with the platform on October 25.

Virtual Career Fair Screening Access to ALL
Monday, October 25 – November 5
Participants will access the platform and start completing screening surveys for the virtual career fair day.

During this this time and leading to the virtual career fair day on Friday, November 5th, your scheduler or booth admin will review the screenings received and will have three options:

1. Schedule an interview with the candidate prior to the virtual career fair day. Candidate will receive an email with the interview request and can accept or request a different time.

2. Move the candidate to the screening cue line appropriate. They day of the career fair, the candidate will arrive at your virtual booth and be placed in the cue you assigned them.

3. If the candidate does not meet your recruiting criteria, you can politely decline the screening.

Scheduled Interview Hours
Monday through Thursday, November 1 – 4

12-5pm EST

Virtual Career Fair Hours
Friday, November 5, 12-6pm EST
All staff who is screening should be logged on to open the cue lines and video screening participation.

Contact exhibits@shpe.org for all customer service inquiries.

  • Virtual Booth Details

    The virtual Career Fair will be hosted in the Meeting Play platform. The platform will allow for video and audio interaction and will also feature a chat function should there be an issue with connecting to audio/video.

    Tech Requirements

    Sponsor Portal – Content Set Up

    The virtual booth will require content set up (assets, links, logos), these will be uploaded to the Sponsor Portal. We will communicate the link and login details to access this portal and complete your virtual booth. You can begin preparing the content for your virtual booth with the specs noted below.

    Standard Virtual Booth Specifications

    - Company Description: 1,000 characters max (recommended)
    - Logo: 200 x 200 pixels .jpg/.png (image appears in attendee favorites)
    - Virtual Hall Listing Banner: 350w x 195h pixels .jpg/.png – (appears on virtual company listing)
    - Social Links: Supply up to 5 custom links
    - Video: 16:9 format 1080p (supply an mp4 link for videos; QTY Max 3; recommended max time: 10 minutes)
    - Collateral: Supply PDF(s) for your virtual exhibit page (QTY Max 12)
    - Special Offers: Supply up to 5 Special Offers with image (400w x 200h px), description, and link for attendees to view. (QTY Max 5)

    Exhibitor Registration and Booth Portal – Staff Set up

    Step 1. Register your staff through the SHPE standard registration system, link and promo codes will be communicated to the main contact.

    Step 2. Logon to the Booth Portal on the MeetingPlay site and complete the role assignment once the Booth Portal opens around October 1.

    Booth Portal Set up

    The booth admin will assign roles to the staff registered for your booth and who will have a role during the scheduled interviews and the virtual career fair day on Friday, November 5th. Please note - Staff registrations and assignments should be completed before the platform live date of October 25th.

    Admin – Main contact to manage the Booth Portal, enter cue line questions, assign booth roles

    Scheduler – Partial access to the Booth Portal to manage interviews and assign candidates to cue lines

    Screener – Assigned one or multiple cue lines during the virtual Career Fair on November 5th

    Interviewer – Assigned interviews throughout the virtual Career Fair and during Scheduled Interviews

    Cue Line Set up / Screenings

    Candidates will access your booth and complete a screening survey to request a screening with you during the virtual career fair. When they complete the screening, they are placed in a cue line when rerunning to your booth for the screening. You will have a max of 6 screening surveys/cue lines. These questions should help assign students/professionals to a cue line in your booth and to the appropriate staff for that cue line.

  • Access the Virtual Career Fair and Know Your Role

    We are excited to share the following instructions to access the SHPE National Convention Virtual Career Fair.

    Schedule of Virtual Career Fair

    October 25 to November 5, candidates will access the career fair to complete screening requests with companies they want to meet with on the virtual career fair day.

    Friday, November 5th from 12-6pm ET candidates will enter the virtual career fair to meet with your team for one-on-one video screenings! These screenings are 7 minutes and can be extended 2 additional minutes before completing the screening.

    November 1-4 are designated interview appointments between 12-5pm ET.

    Booth admin alert: You can continue to make edits to your booth until Monday 10/25 until end of day. Registration updates are appearing within 15 minutes in the platform, please note your staff needs a role assigned once in the Booth Portal.

    Your Role in the Virtual Booth

    Please review the roles below and confirm with your booth admin if are unsure of your role.

    Admin – Complete access to the Booth Portal for surveys, queue lines, and booth staff

    Scheduler – Partial access to Booth Portal to assign candidates queue lines and manage interviews. This role will require daily access to the Booth Portal to move pending screening requests to the designated queue. Your company queue lines cannot open during the virtual career fair if candidates have not been assigned.

    Screener – This is the designated role to conduct on-on-one screenings during the virtual career fair on Friday, November 5th. They can have one or multiple queue line(s) to screen candidates during the Career Fair. Important to have your screeners scheduled during the virtual career fair hours of 12-6pm ET.

    Interviewer - Designated recruiter to conduct interviews during scheduled times. Interviews can be scheduled between November 1-4 from 12-5pm ET.

    Accessing the SHPE Virtual Career Fair

    You will use the email address used to register and the registration ID number at first log-in and you will be prompted to create a new password. Once you have created your new password you will be prompted to set up your profile.

    Virtual Career Fair link: https://shpevcf21.mpeventapps.com/login/
    Email: [your email address]
    Password: [your registration confirmation number]

    *Your registration number is your temporary password if this is your first time logging in. If you are an admin and have previously accessed the platform please use that same password.

    Training Materials

    Scheduler Role Guide - An overview of this role and how to assign candidates.

    Screener & Interviewer Role Guide - An overview of the features you have access to while performing the screening.

    Career Fair Platform Video - View this video to log in and navigate the platform, this is from the attendee perspective and provides a guide of how the platform works for the candidate.

    Booth Portal and Career Fair Video - This video is a longer overview of the admin and scheduler roles in the Booth Portal and the Screener and Interviewer roles during the virtual career fair.

    Please contact us if you have any questions:

    Booth questions: exhibits@shpe.org
    Registration questions: registration@shpe.org

  • Tech Support Schedule

    There will be a MeetingPlay technical support team available during the following dates and times. Please use the help section to submit a request for assistance.

    Important Dates:

    Platform Launch Date – Monday, October 25
    Scheduled Interviews – Monday through Thursday, November 1 – 4, 12-5pm EST
    Virtual Career Fair Screening Access to ALL - Monday, October 25 – November 5th

    Participants will access the platform and start completing screening surveys for the virtual career fair day.

    Tech Support Schedule for Virtual Career Fair:

    Monday, October 25 through Friday, October 29
    10am - 6pm EST

    Saturday, October 30
    No live support, email for assistance: exhibits@shpe.org

    Sunday, October 31
    No live support, email for assistance: exhibits@shpe.org

    Monday, November 1 and Tuesday, November 2
    10am - 8pm EST

    Wednesday, November 3 through Friday November 5
    10am - 6pm EST

  • MeetingPlay Virtual Platform Firewall Requirements

    Please verify that the following URLs are allowed to be requested from within your company’s network/VPN/firewall. If any are unreachable, add the URLs to your company’s whitelist to allow the URL to be requested. We also include the ports that will be used, these likewise need to be set to allow or approved to prevent any portion of the platform from being blocked.

    Event app:

    *.mpeventapps.com (ports 80 and 443)

    Please try https://demo.mpeventapps.com to verify that the firewall is configured properly.


    The following URLs will return “Not found” in the browser if firewall is configured properly:

    https://mr-meetingplay-amd.akamaized.net (port 443)

    https://mr-a.akamaihd.net (port 443)

    Images and Assets:

    The following will return a JSON-formatted that will indicate that Access is Denied if firewall is configured properly:

    https://mplay-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com (port 443)

    Video Chat:

    Add the following destination domains and the corresponding ports to the firewall whitelist:




    .edge.agoraio.cn Destination ports

    Port type


    80; 443; 3433; 4700 - 5000; 5668; 5669; 6080; 6443; 8667; 9667; 30011 - 30013 (for RTMP converter)



    3478; 4700 - 5000



    Testing Agora Connectivity

    To test connectivity and quality of Video Chat for event speakers, visit the following URL from their browser. There are two options to select before starting the test:

    • • Cloud Proxy: Disable
    • • Proxy Mode: Default

    https://webdemo.agora.io/agora_webrtc_troubleshooting_mp4stream/ ;

    If the connectivity piece of that is successful, everything is good. Stop here.

    If the connectivity piece of that is NOT successful, please verify the whitelist in the firewall and the ports for both TCP and UDP.

    After verifying the setup, if the connectivity is still not good, retry the test URL with the following settings:

    • • Cloud Proxy: Enable
    • • Proxy Mode: Default

    If connectivity is good in that scenario, please notify MeetingPlay so we can adjust the application to use Agora’s Cloud Proxy.

    NOTE: Using Cloud Proxy should be a last resort after double/triple checking the firewall rules. Using Cloud Proxy will likely result in lower quality video and higher latency.

  • Open Office Hours

    Join us during these office hours for live support with our Exhibits team. Main contacts will receive email reminders with Zoom link details or email us at exhiits@shpe.org to request the meeting details.

    Wednesday, October 20
    1-2pm CT

    Thursday, October 21
    1-2pm CT

    Monday, October 25
    1-2pm CT

    Wednesday, October 27
    1-2pm CT

    Friday, October 29
    1-2pm CT

    Monday, November 1
    1-2pm CT

    Wednesday, November 2
    1-2pm CT

    Friday, November 5
    9am-5pm CT

  • Register Your Booth Staff

    Registration Deadline: October 18

    During the registration process, individuals will self-register with the promo code provided to the main contact. The code is only valid for the allotment of registrations included in your sponsor level and any additional purchased. Please distribute the code only to those individuals that will be participating in the Career Fair, Interviews Hours of the National Convention and/or the virtual Career Fair.

    Badge Type:
    Virtual: Career Fair Only (access to screening and interviewing in the MeetingPlay platform)

    Register now

    If you do not have your promo code, please contact exhibits@shpe.org.