2022 NILA

  • CCLP - Virtual | President's Summit - Orlando, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access the virtual conference?

    The NILA Certified Chapter Leader Program will be held virtually on the Hopin platform.

    Instructions to access the platform for the Certified Chapter Leader Program will be sent to you via e-mail on Tuesday, June 14th. Be sure to log in as soon as you receive your instructions. If you do not receive an e-mail invitation by 12 noon et on Thursday, June 16th, please contact events@shpe.org.

    Please note - Using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or computer guarantees the best experience.

  • Will NILA sessions/events be recorded?

    Yes! The sessions during the NILA: Certified Chapter Leader Program will be recorded. You’ll have access to the recordings on the Hopin platform as they are completed during NILA: CCLP.

  • I didn’t receive my workbook and NILA swag. Who do I contact?

    If you did not receive your workbook and NILA swag, please contact events@shpe.org.

  • Who should attend part one and who should attend part two?

    PART 1, the Certified Chapter Leader Program (CCLP) on June 16-18 is for all chapter and regional leaders, and advisors. It will include deep dives into chapter operations, available chapter support, and a chance for like chapters to collaborate on best practices.

    PART 2, the Presidents Summit on August 3-7 is for regional leaders and chapter presidents. It will include subject matter experts offering leadership and professional development specifically for SHPE chapter presidents.

  • What is required to attend?
    1. Be a PAID SHPE member for the 2022-23 fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2022
    2. Be an APPROVED SHPE E-Board member for the 2022-2023 fiscal year
    3. CCLP: Register by June 1; Presidents Summit: Register by July 1
    4. Upload your resume to the SHPE Career Center


  • What does it cost?

    Part 1: Certified Chapter Leader Program (June 16-18):
    $35 per person

    Part 2: Presidents Summit (August 3-7):
    $250 per person – registration & hotel included
    $400 per person – airfare, registration & hotel included

  • What does registration include?
    • NILA Workbook
    • NILA 2022 pin
    • SHPE swag
    • Certificate upon successful completion of CCLP assessment
    • Access to recordings from CCLP workshops and keynotes
    • Interactive breakouts where you can apply your learning
    • Networking opportunities to build relationships with chapter and regional leaders
  • Where can I find the registration form?

    All registrations will be processed online through this webpage.

    We do not have a paper registration form available. However, you can print your receipt from the registration site. If you require an invoice, please contact events@shpe.org.

  • Can I pay my registration fee by check or purchase order?

    Payment by credit card via online only.

    For university issued checks, please contact events@shpe.org.

  • I received an error message when making my online registration payment.

    DO NOT submit your payment transaction more than once. If you receive an error submitting your credit card payment, please send an email with the error message to events@shpe.org.

  • Where do I find my SHPE Member ID?

    Log in to your SHPEConnect member account. Your member ID is listed under member details. If you have any questions, please contact membership@shpe.org.

  • When will I receive my confirmation notice?

    A confirmation notice will be emailed immediately from the registration site confirming your registration. Please check your spam/junk folder. If you still have not received it, email events@shpe.org to request a copy.

  • More than two executive board members from my chapter would like to attend NILA.

    All e-Board members from both professional and student chapters are welcome to register and attend the NILA: Certified Chapter Leader Program (CCLP) June 16-18.

    The Chapter President or an alternate designated by the Chapter President may attend the NILA: Presidents Summit August 3-7.

    Registration and payment are required for both programs by the registration deadline, June 1, 2022.

  • Can I register my chapter executive board member(s) instead of having them register individually?

    Chapter executive board members do not have the option to register a second officer or an officer other than themselves. Each attendee will have to register individually. If you would like to request a bulk registration invoice, once the invoice is paid, we will provide you with a promo code so that members can register without submitting payment.

  • What is the registration deadline?

    CCLP deadline to receive the swag box with the Chapter Leaders Workbook: June 1*

    Presidents Summit Registration + Flight + Hotel ($400 package) deadline: June 1, 11:59 PM pt

    Presidents Summit Registration & Hotel ($250 package) deadline: July 1, 11:59 pm pt

    *If you miss the deadline to register, it's not too late. If you register after June 1 for the Certified Chapter Leader Program, you will receive a digital copy of the workbook and your box of materials will arrive after the conference.

  • What if my chapter has exhausted all resources and does not have any funding?

    You can do a fundraiser with your chapter or formally contact local companies to request financial assistance. Reach out to your Regional Vice President or Professional Local Chapters for possible sponsorship opportunities.

  • What is the cancellation deadline?

    Part 1, CCLP: Cancellations received by May 16, 2022, 11:59 PM PST, are eligible for a 100% refund of registration fees.

    Part 2, Presidents Summit: Cancellations received by June 16, 2022, 11:59 PM PST, are eligible for a refund not eligible for a refund of registration fees.

    All cancellation requests must be e-mailed to events@shpe.org.

  • I can't attend NILA, but someone else from my chapter executive board wants to replace me.

    Registration is only transferable with prior authorization. Please send attendee substitution requests to chapters@shpe.org.

    Additional executive board members may register and there is no limit to the number of chapter executive board members who may participate in NILA Part 1.

  • I attended NILA last year. Can I attend again this year?

    Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements you may attend NILA even if you attended the previous year.

  • I work for an organization who recruits STEM talent and I would like to sponsor and contribute. What are my next steps and options?

    Please download our NILA Sponsorship Brochure and contact partnerships@shpe.org. We would love to have a conversation about how NILA can help meet your recruitment goals.

  • How do I register my organization for this event?

    NILA is tailored to empower and prepare SHPE undergraduate and professional chapter leaders to be the best leaders for their prospective chapters. NILA offers alternative recruiting methods like workshops, event sponsorships, and branding opportunities.

    To sign up as a sponsor, please complete the commitment form from the NILA Sponsorship Brochure and send it completed and signed to partnerships@shpe.org.

    Once confirmed as a NILA sponsor, the SHPE sales team will send attendee registration instructions via email.

  • What should I wear?

    Attire for the virtual CCLP:

    Business casual on the top and casual attire on the bottom is appropriate for the virtual conference. Wear your SHPE shirts to show your pride in SHPE.

    You will be on camera in the breakout sessions, so be aware of your appearance and your surroundings. We recommend you find a quiet, distraction-free, appropriate space to attend the event. Ideally, you will be upright and attentive while on camera.

    And please remember to mute yourself and turn off your camera as needed to take breaks. (Don't take your laptop or phone on your break with you please!)

    Attire for the in-person Presidents Summit:

    Wednesday, August 3: Wear your SHPE chapter shirt or school
    Thursday, August 4: Business casual
    Friday, August 5: Business professional
    Saturday, August 6: Wear the SHPE shirt provided at the Presidents Summit and casual attire

  • Are there Rules of Behavior for this virtual event?

    Yes! Here are the Rules of Behavior that attendees agree to when they register.

  • I purchased the registration with flight package. How do I make my flight arrangements for the Presidents Summit?

    SHPE will send an e-mail by June 1 with instructions on how to make your flights. SHPE staff will work directly with you to book your flight and hotel. You will not need to book your room with the hotel.

  • What should I pack and wear at the Presidents Summit?

    Attire for the conference is as follows:

    Wednesday, August 3: Wear your SHPE chapter shirt or school
    Thursday, August 4: Business casual
    Friday, August 5: Business professional
    Saturday, August 6: Wear the SHPE shirt provided at the Presidents Summit and casual attire