NILA 2020 - National Institute for Leadership Advancement



Thank you for registering to participate in NILA 2020! We’re excited to have you join us in this critical new leader training program. As we finalize information about the event and what to expect, it will be added here for all those who have registered.

All NILA participants must upload their resume by July 31.

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2020 Chapter Leader's Workbook

The digital version of the 2020 Chapter Leader's Workbook is now available!

Download a copy now for easy on-the-go reference all year long.

Required New Leader Orientation

Because NILA is a short and intense conference and there’s so much information to share with you, we have you prepare by attending a series of webinars leading up to the event.

We held these webinars every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm ET from July 2 through August 4 -

July 2 | SHPE National Strategy
July 4 | (Holiday - No Webinar)
July 7 | SHPE Membership & Marketing
July 9 | SHPE Programs & Events
July 14 | SHPE Corporate Relations & Career Services
July 16 | National Chapter Program – Introduction
July 21 | National Chapter Program – Motivation & Chapter Basics
July 23 | National Chapter Program – Chapter Management 1
July 28 | National Chapter Program – Chapter Management 2
Aug 4 | 2020 NILA Virtual Event Preparation

We strongly encouraged live participation in the webinars, however, the recordings have been made available for those who were unable to attend. Each participant is required to fill out a quick quiz after viewing each webinar to show comprehension.

Questions? Missed the webinars? Contact


Brag about the fact that you get to go to NILA 2020! Use one of our tools to share your plans to be a certified chapter leader.

  • Instagram Story Template
    1. Download the PNG File
    2. Open Instagram
    3. Open the template
    4. Add your picture
    5. Tag your friends
    6. Tag @SHPE National and #NILA2020
    7. Post to your Instagram Story
  • Selfie Sign
    1. Print out the PDF Flyer (or open it on your tablet)
    2. Hold it up while taking a selfie (or get someone to take your pic)
    3. Upload it to Facebook or Instagram
    4. Post with a humblebrag about being a leader
    5. Tag @SHPENational and #NILA2020
  • Zoom Backgrounds

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