Extreme Engineering Challenge

Extreme Engineering Challenge will provide the same quality and high intensity competition in a virtual environment for 2020. The overall objective remains the same to provide an engineering challenge that allows participants to experience a real-world environment example of working in teams and succeed in the following core principles of Extreme Engineering Challenge: DESIGN. DEVELOP. PROMOTE.

This year we will be introducing a qualifying round which challenges and tests any attendee that would like to participate to show their skills in DESIGN, ENGINEERING ACUMEN, MARKETING SKILLS, and LEADERSHIP APPROACHES. This round will be a mixture of challenges and skill profiling which can be shared with participating sponsors. We will provide this qualification round with an online system that allows registered members to engage and compete to be the 100 top performers. From the participants the top 100 qualifiers will be part of this year’s competition. They will be notified and entered into the draft to be assigned to a team.

The competition will be held across 2 days as well and be provided over a collaboration platform that will allow sponsor interaction and an environment that teams can exchange ideas, organize their companies and work through online challenges. Each challenge will have deliverables that will need to be submitted similar to past years. Staff will be available for constant chats and online webinars to provide best practices.

The challenge remains a secret and allows for the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and PROMOTION of a PRODUCT. These products will compete head to head in a bracket type of battle where the most EXTREME product will be crowned the winner.

Sponsors will serve as Consultants and Reviewers. They will manage the main team collaboration accounts and will be provided means to have one on one tag-ups with participants during and for a period after the competition.

Prizes: EXTREME TEAM ($800/each), the top 5 engineers across all the participants will be identified and recognized as LEAD ENGINEERS ($1500/each). From the 5 top engineers one of them will be crowned the XEC 2020 EXTREME ENGINEER of THE YEAR ($2000/each).


  • Important Dates:
    • Registration: Open NOW through
    • Initial Sponsor Meeting: 9/30/20
    • Follow-Up Sponsor Meeting: 10/8/20
    • Environment Setup: 10/15/20
    • Competition Kickoff: 10/19/20
    • Competition Concludes: 10/23/20
    • Winners Announced: 10/26/20
  • Agenda Overview: