Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge: Building Tomorrow Together is a challenge where YOU will Innovate, Impact, and Build products and / or services that will directly benefit the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, or Aviation fields.

During this 48-hour event, teams of Builders, Programmers, Creators, Project Managers and Engineers (all types welcome) along with technologists will meet virtually and create new product or service solutions to address current challenges in different industries such as aviation, health care by leveraging technology for social good. This is a great opportunity to showcase your technical skills, collaboratively work with a team in a virtual setting and get hands on experience to talk to recruiters. Are you up for the challenge?

Join us on the morning of October 21st for our Opening Ceremony where you will receive all the details for you and your team to start “Building Tomorrow Together”. Our Innovation Challenge will empower YOU to use your STEM backgrounds to create new and innovative products and or services to help some of the world’s challenging problems. Participants will learn Agile and Design theory that have been adapted from the Stanford Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn the prominent design process that will prove useful to you in any future career!

Prizes: $7,000 in Raffle Prizes and Competition Prizes!


  • Important Dates:
    • Registration: Open NOW through 10/18/20
    • Start Date : October 21 @ 9 AM PST
    • End Date: October 23 @ 9 AM PST
    • Winners Announced: 10/26/20
  • Speakers
  • Agenda Overview:
    • Competition Bootcamp
      • Coding 101
      • Design Thinking & Agile
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Phase 1: Empathize
    • Phase 2: Define
    • Phase 3: Ideate
    • Phase 4: Prototype
    • Phase 5: Test
    • Phase 6: Implementation & Presentation
    • Judging Round
    • Finalist Announcement
    • Final Judging & Closing Ceremony
    • Award Announcement


  • Who can participate?

    Everyone! This event is open to all convention attendees. All levels of experience are welcome! Beginner? No problem! We'll have mentors and a bootcamp to help and your team develop new skills.

    • What if I don’t know how to code?

      All majors are welcome and encouraged to participate. Even those without coding knowledge. Participate in our first ever Innovation Challenge Bootcamp where we will provide you all the tools necessary.

      • Do I have to be online the entire 48-Hours?

        Nope! We will provide you a schedule on when you need to join sessions and networking opportunities as well as a timeline for submissions. You and your team can decide on the best time to collaborate.

        • Why should I join?
          • Opportunity to network with corporate mentors
          • Chance to win cash prizes
          • Create innovative projects to boost your resume for Convention

        Hear From Past Challengers

        Ricardo Useche

        Fernando Prado

        Curious to learn more?

        Contact the Innovation Challenge Team and we will get back to you!