Technology & Innovation Conference

SHPE’s Technology & Innovation Conference is designed to shine a spotlight on cutting edge STEM technology, and how SHPE members utilize technology for maximum impact. Technology is continuously and rapidly evolving both in start-ups and established industries. Markets are changing and engineering tools are constantly advancing. This conference offers Tech Talks, an Innovation Challenge, a Cybersecurity Challenge, an Extreme Engineering Challenge, a Design Competition, and a Tech Theatre to educate participants on cutting-edge technologies and strategies to utilize them.

Experts will share new ideas, network, and spark dynamic discussions that invite Convention attendees to be a part of the international conversation on technology and innovation. Speakers will address the most important challenges facing our communities and workplaces. This conference will also include the following events:


    Level Up Your Engineering – Attend Tech Talks to Gain XP

    Tech Talk sessions will encompass the newest in innovation and creativity, focusing on STEM technology and what it means for both students and professionals. The goal for these talks is to increase the technical competencies of the participants by discussing current technology used in the field, and to help participants gain experience in various fields of advanced technology.

    Airplane Design for a Sustainable Future
    Cybersecurity Data Science: Tracking and Analyzing Risk
    How It's Made!
    The Future of Air Taxi & Air Package Delivery is NOW
    USAA's live tutorial: Build your own API enabled endorsement portfolio website


    The Extreme Engineering Challenge simulates an accelerated engineering working scenario allowing students to build the skills necessary for meeting the profession’s most grueling demands. Participants work with a professional mentor or coach. Participants gain a unique one-on-one experience working with the corporate sponsors that is unlike any other event at the National Convention. Many sponsors view this event as a real-world, interview process with up-and-coming engineering talent.



    The Innovation Challenge: Building Tomorrow Together is a software challenge where YOU will Innovate, Impact, and Build products and/or services that will directly benefit the healthcare, social good, education, aviation, or fintech industries.

    Teams of builders, programmers, creators, project managers and engineers (all types welcome) along with technologists will meet virtually and create new product or service solutions to address current challenges in different industries such as aviation, health care and social good. This is a great opportunity to showcase your technical skills, collaboratively work with a team in a virtual setting, and get hands on experience. Our Innovation Challenge will empower YOU to use your STEM backgrounds to create new and innovative products and/or services to help some of the world’s challenging problems.



    In an increasingly hyperconnected world, it is critical that our networks and information systems are not left vulnerable to hackers. According to Bain & Company, losses to businesses due to cyber attacks will account for $6 trillion by 2021, and not enough is being done to prevent this from happening. In order to predict and outsmart hackers, you must become a better one.

    SHPE’s Cybersecurity Challenge will focus on empowering you and other STEM minds throughout the country to “Build Our Tomorrow Together.”

    This event will include a virtual “capture the flag” challenge competition where you, along other participants around the country, will compete in teams to complete a series of interactive challenges within the shortest amount of time. Mentors, workshops, and networking events will allow you to build your network, improve your skills, and win cash prizes!



    The Engineering Science Symposium (ESS) is held each year during the SHPE National Convention, and showcases the excellent research conducted by SHPE students and faculty across all engineering fields. This year the Virtual ESS will be a series of engaging talks followed by a session of Q&A with virtual audience members and faculty judges. Upwards of 80 talks across five concurrent sessions will be organized. ABSTRACTS DUE SEPTEMBER 18, 2020

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