2021 RLDC 4 & 6

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RLDC 4 & 6 Agenda

*The agenda is subject to change.

Thursday, March 25

  • 3:00pm ET | Getting to Know Capital One

    Getting to Know Capital One

    3:00pm - 4:00pm EST
    Audience: All

    In this fun and interactive meeting you'll get a chance to learn more about #lifeatcapitalone! We'll review our history, culture, and discuss our campus internships and full-time rotational programs. Prior to our meeting, feel free to check out the videos below to get an idea of what Life at Capital One is all about!

    Chiara Arch, Senior Recruiter
    Jose Godoy, Senior Business Analyst
    Jarvis-Richardo Johnson, Recruiter
    Kevin Molina-Heineck, Software Engineer
    Anna Schneider, Recruiting Coordinator

  • 4:00pm ET | Opening Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

    4:00 pm -4:20 pm EST
    Audience: All

    The opening ceremony welcomes attendees to this wonderful experience with professional development workshops. Our Platinum sponsors will join the RLDC committee for the kick-off of RLDC 4 & 6: Discovering your own magic!

    Will Davis, SHPE National Board
    Santiago Echeverri, Software Engineer, Factset
    Adrian Davila, RLDC Curriculum Team
    Steven A. Singh, VP of Technical Services, PECO/Exelon

  • 4:20pm ET | All I's on Inclusion

    All I's on Inclusion

    4:20pm - 5:00pm ET
    Audience: All

    Inclusion is one of SHPE’s values – we call it FAMILIA! In this workshop, we’ll look at Identity, Introspection, Information, Invitation, and Intervention to understand how they each play a part in Inclusion. By exploring these topics, attendees will be better equipped to create welcoming spaces where individuals of all identities can belong, feel safe, and thrive.

    Speaker: Will Davis, SHPE National Board of Directors

  • 5:00pm ET | Driving Sustainability-Oriented Innovation

    Driving Sustainability-Oriented Innovation

    5:00 pm - 5:45pm EST
    Audience: All

    Many more companies are becoming convinced that there is no alternative to sustainable development. And in becoming more environment-friendly, concerns arise about their competitiveness and added costs that will not deliver immediate financial benefits. This workshop highlights the efforts to drive sustainability-oriented innovation while maintaining competitiveness and leadership.

    Speaker: Mike Nevinsky , Associate Technical Fellow and Hybrid Design/Manufacturing/Materials Engineer, The Boeing Company

  • 5:00pm ET | Grad School: Why, How, & When?

    Grad School: Why, How, & When?

    5:00pm - 5:45pm EST
    Audience: Students

    Speaker: Dr. Tremayne Waller, Virginia Tech

    The benefits of graduate school can often seem moot behind its cost and entry. For those who are about to graduate from an undergraduate education or have been working in industry for a while, the benefits of seeking full-time employment in engineering can, on-the-surface outweigh the time required to advance one’s education. This workshop will shed some light on this, presenting the figures for cost and time for entering graduate school.

  • 5:00pm ET | 6 Tips for Effectively Working From Home

    6 Tips for Effectively Working From Home

    5:00pm - 5:45pm ET
    Audience: All

    As technology brings us all much closer together, even across distances, more companies are adopting flexible work from home strategies for their employees. This can be a great option for teams across different geographies, for companies trying to cut down on office costs, or to allow more work-life balance. And there are a ton of perks for employees working from home - no commute time, cutting travel costs, and more adaptability in your day. Within work from home cultures, there is more opportunity for a crossover between work life and personal life, but it is important to keep some mental separation. Join CapitalOne as they share some tips to help you stay on track while working or learning from home!

    Chiara Arch, Senior Recruiter, Capital One
    Jose Godoy, Senior Business Analyst, CapitalOne
    Anna Schneider, Recruiting Coordinator, Capital One

  • 5:45pm ET | Insights From a Successful Researcher to Pursue a Career in Research

    Insights From a Successful Researcher to Pursue a Career in Research

    5:45pm - 6:30pm EST
    Audience: All

    Speaker: Dr. Cesar De La Fuente, University of Pennsylvannia

    Interested in pursuing a career in researching? Are you already a researcher and you would like to know more insights from one of the world's top innovators?

    This presentation will be focused on recommendations and good habits to understand your talent, embrace it, and become a successful researcher.

    Presented by Cesar de la Fuente, Presidential Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania where he leads the Machine Biology Group, who also got the 2019 STAR Award for Young Investigator.

  • 5:45pm ET | Your Network is Your Net Worth

    Your Network is Your Net Worth

    5:45 pm - 6:30 pm EST
    Audience: All

    In this day and age degrees are no more than just a piece of paper and employers are looking for more than just a degree. In this workshop, learn how your network can open doors to opportunities that pushes you to greater success.

    Speaker: Gaynelle Swan, VP, Margin Resiliency & Performance, Stanley Black and Decker

  • 6:30pm ET | Graduate Students Social Event

    Graduate Students Social Event
    Sponsored by Penn State University

    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST
    Audience: Graduate students

    Graduate school is hard enough on its own; challenging questions to be answered, literature that does not make sense, and the feeling of imposter syndrome as more experienced researchers are able to seemingly easily answer any question thrown at them. This networking session is to bring graduate students and graduate employers together to share experiences and network.

    Erin Ann Hostetler, Director, Equity in Research and Graduate Studies, Penn State University
    Dr. Cindy Reed, Assistant Director, Student Research and Graduate Equity, Penn State University

Friday, March 26

  • 9:00am ET | Morning Inspiration

    Morning Welcome

    9:00am - 9:15am EST
    Audience: All

    Speaker: Stephanie Hurtado Lonard

  • 9:15am ET | 7 Habits of a Happy & Healthy STEM Professional

    7 Habits of a Happy & Healthy STEM Professional

    9:15am - 10:00am ET
    Audience: All

    This presentation provides attendees with 7 habits to be a happy and healthy STEM professional. The speakers will share their personal experiences.

    Genisses Vasquez, Senior Engineering Tech
    Lisa Burns, Engineer, Capacity Planning, PECO/Exelon

  • 9:15am ET| Insider’s Perspective of R&D Testing

    Insider’s Perspective of R&D Testing

    9:15am - 10:00am ET
    Audience: Students

    This workshop will introduce new career path for engineers. Attendees will learn about relevance in coursework and extracurriculars for resume boosters.

    Speaker: Michael Hernandez, R&D Testing Consultant, Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer Inc.

  • 9:15am ET | How to Lead in Academia

    How to Lead in Academia: Panel Perspectives from Hispanic Professors

    9:15am - 10:00am ET
    Audience: All

    Most members know what the classroom feels like from the student side, but what is it like for the person in the front of the classroom? In this workshop, faculty members will share their insights into what that looks like. Specifically, members will walk away knowing how Hispanic/LatinX identifying professors cultivate the classroom experience for inclusiveness, and the challenges they face in their unique struggle to succeed in the world of academia.

    Speakers from Purdue University:
    Maria Mirian Velay Lizancos, Assistant Professor in Lyles School of Civil Engineering
    Luis Gomez, Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Luciano Castillo, Kenninger Professor of Renewable Energy and Power Systems in Mechanical Engineering

    Moderator: Sebastian Raul Fernandez, SHPE Purdue Chapter President

  • 10:15am ET | Crucial Conversations

    Crucial Conversations

    10:15am - 11:30am EST
    Audience: All

    Speaker: Fernando Rosario, Exeqpath

    Have you ever had a conversation when there are high emotions and high stakes? Did you feel like it could have gone better? Do not worry, this workshop conducted by executive coach, Fernando Rosario, will help you develop your skill set for mastering crucial conversations.

  • 11:45am ET | Effective Virtual Communication Skills

    Effective Virtual Communication Skills

    11:45am - 12:30pm EST
    Audience: All

    After months of communicating and interacting virtually, you must be an expert, right? Ranging from muted microphones, sudden disruptions and visual distractions, we are still learning to communicate in virtual environments. This workshop provides strategies to set up your professional space for virtual interviews, work meetings and all the events where we are required to communicate virtually.

    Alexander Setuain, Consulting Development Senior Analyst, Accenture
    Maria Torres, Consulting Development Senior Analyst, Accenture
    Sebastian Sanchez, Consulting Development Senior Analyst, Accenture

  • 11:45am ET | Crafting a Competitive Grad School Application

    Crafting a Competitive Grad School Application

    11:45 am - 12:30 pm EST
    Audience: Students

    Speakers: Ashleigh Herrera, Tufts University and Kathryn López, Virginia Tech

    With so many applications submitted each year how does an applicant ensure that they stand out from the crowd? This workshop will present the basic requirements for applying to graduate school and what steps can be taken to ensure that your application stands out.

  • 11:45am ET | Ace Your Next Interview: Strategies That Result in Offers

    Ace Your Next Interview: Strategies That Result in Offers, A Panel Discussion

    11:45am - 12:30pm EST
    Audience: All

    Whether you are applying for an internship, an entry-level position, or looking for a career change, you will probably have to interview with a potential employer before receiving a job offer. 3 STEM professionals will share their insights to prepare for a successful job interview. While navigating their own experiences, the panelists will provide the audience with tips and strategies to increase the chances of having a successful job interview that ends up in getting a job offer.

    Zaza Farrell, HR and Diversity Talent, Squarespace
    Juan P. Osorio, Senior Software Engineer, Squarespace
    Daniel Perez-Gomez, Senior QA Analyst and Automation Focus Area Lead, Squarespace
    Kelley Yamate, Squarespace

  • 12:30pm ET | Lunch Break

    Lunch Break

    12:30pm - 12:55 pm
    Audience: All

  • 12:55pm ET | Career Fair Fire Up!

    Career Fair Fire Up!

    12:55 pm - 1:00 pm EST
    Audience: All

    Get motivated and inspired in preparation for the high-energy career fair!

    Speaker: Miguel Alemany, SHPE Board Chair

  • 1:00pm ET | Graduate School Expo

    Graduate School Expo

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST
    Audience: All

  • 2:00pm ET | Career Fair

    Career Fair

    2:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST
    Audience: All

  • 6:00pm ET | Post Career Fair Networking

    Post Career Fair Networking

    6:00pm - 7:00pm ET
    Audience: Students

    This informal networking session is hosted by SHPE IIT student chapter for students after the career fair. Students will have the opportunity to share experiences and connect with fellow chapter members.

    This is a professional networking session hosted by SHPE IIT, SHPE SIT, SHPE Rutgers and SHPE TCNJ.

    Esmeralda Viramontes, RLDC Co-Chair & SHPE-IIT President
    Daniela Cruz, SHPE-Rutgers President
    Tiffany Fonque SHPE-SIT External Relations
    Michael Franco-Garcia, SHPE-TCNJ President

  • 6:00pm ET | Professional Networking

    Professional Networking

    6:00pm - 7:00pm ET
    Audience: Professionals

    This is a professional networking session hosted by the SHPE New York Professional chapter.

Saturday, March 27

  • 9:00am ET | SHPEtina Cafecito - Panel

    SHPEtina Cafecito - Panel

    9:00 am - 9:45 am EST
    Audience: All

    4 Hispanic STEM professionals will share insight into their careers and what a day in their life and their industry looks like. The panelists will also share their personal insight into topics including but not limited to: navigating college to corporate; career planning; career transitions; management and leadership; work-life balance, sponsors, mentors and mentees, giving back to the community, etc.

    Estefania Fernandez, Control Systems Engineer, 3M
    Charlott Schwartz-Doyle, OFP Quality Engineer, John Deere
    Andrea Catalina Hidalgo, Engine Calibration Specialist, General Motors
    Suzane Aime Vieira Carneiro, Chemical Engineering Student, University of Illinois at Chicago

    Moderator: Andrea Escobar, Senior Consultant, IBM

  • 10:00am ET | DACA in the New Administration

    DACA in the New Administration

    10:00 am - 10:45 am EST
    Audience: Students

    Speaker: Daissy Dominguez, Immigration Attorney

    With the new presidential administration starting in 2021, a lot of policies and changes are occurring quickly. This presentation will focus on the latest DACA policies provided by immigration specialist attorney, Daissy Dominguez.

  • 10:00am ET | Milestones Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals

    Milestones Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals

    10:00 am - 10:45 am EST
    Audience: All

    Achieving a goal can be difficult during a forced study-from-home/work-from home pandemic. It is key to learn to break down your goals into SMART milestones. These small achievements keep one on track to obtain these goals, especially in today's fast paced work environment. Although a goal is the finish line, the journey matters just as much if not more.

    Speaker: La’Naia J. Jones

  • 10:00am ET | Leading Without Managing: How to Be a Leader When You’re not a Manager

    Leading Without Managing: How to Be a Leader When You’re not a Manager, A Panel Discussion

    10:00am - 10:45am ET
    Audience: All

    Leading with influence without authority is a challenging dynamic in the workplace. This will be an interactive panel session led by professionals with career experience ranging from early career to seasoned professionals working in a matrixed environment.

    Jose Cabrera, Systems Engineer, Raytheon
    Gwen Campero, Sr. Contracts Negotiator, Raytheon
    Carmen Mercado, Mechanical Engineer, Raytheon
    Joan Varela Escapa, Program Manager, Raytheon

  • 11:00am ET | Time to Talk Money

    Time to Talk Money

    11:00 am - 11:45 am EST
    Audience: All

    Speaker: Nicolas Tempestini, Accenture

    Understand and take control of your financial situation, especially after graduation. Identify the necessary tools needed to avoid debt and develop a sustainable financial situation that will become your foundation in future endeavors.

  • 11:00am ET | Self-Care in the Time of COVID

    Self-Care in the time of COVID: Strategies for Maintaining Productivity, Physical Health, and Mental Well-Being

    11:00 am - 11:45 am EST
    Audience: All

    Speaker: Lisa London, IIT Student Health & Wellness Center

    Time is a finite resource. Balancing responsibilities at your job, home, and school is not easy...and now there is a pandemic! No matter what, you’re always left with the same 24 hours in a day to check items off to-do lists, spend time with family and friends, and unwind. Learn time management tips and strategies to ensure that you meet deadlines, balance your day-to-day activities and practice wellness during this pandemic.

  • 11:00am ET | Navigating the Advisor/Advisee Relationship in Graduate School

    Navigating the Advisor/Advisee Relationship in Graduate School

    11:00 am - 11:45 am EST
    Audience: Students

    Speaker: Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez, Princeton University

    Achieving success in academia is not an intuitive thing. To ensure success, grad students ought to be equipped with the proper mentors that can guide them through the pitfalls, traumas, common mistakes, and missteps that are sure to occur while trying to get that next published paper. The best people to offer guidance are those that have been through the process, but asking for that guidance (or offering it) can often be a confusing task itself. This talk will equip members with the knowledge of how to best utilize an academic advisor while completing graduate school to maximize the relationship’s potential.

  • 12:00pm ET | Designing for a VUCA World Competition - Regional Finals

    Designing for a VUCA World Competition - Regional Finals

    12:00 pm - 12:45 pm EST
    Audience: All

    Speakers: Jonathan Franco, Senior OEM Sales Engineer, Eaton

    The Designing for a VUCA World Competition is a challenge where participants Innovate, Impact, and Build products and / or services that directly address social problems within their respective communities. During this event, teams of Builders, Programmers, Creators, Project Managers and Engineers (all types welcome) along with technologists will meet virtually and create new product or service solutions to address current challenges that are specific to their geographic region.

    Watch the Regional Finals as teams showcase their technical skills and impressive designs!

  • 1:00pm ET | Region 4 Meeting

    Region 4 Meeting

    1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EST
    Audience: Region 4 members

    Speaker(s): Region 4 Leadership Team

    Region four. Say no more!Region 4 chapters meet up to share status, questions, and accomplishments with one another.

  • 1:00pm ET | Region 6 Meeting

    Region 6 Meeting

    1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EST
    Audience: Region 6 members

    Speaker(s): Region 6 Leadership Team

    La Region Seis - Que mas quereis? Region 6 chapters meet up to share status, questions, and accomplishments with one another.

  • 2:00pm ET | Closing Ceremony

    Closing Ceremony

    2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EST
    Audience: All

    Nit Tapia, Whiting-Turner
    Maria Soto, Volunteer Chair
    RLDC 4 & 6 Marketing Team
    RLDC 4 & 6 Curriculum Co-chairs
    RLDC 4 & 6 Logistics Team
    Esmeralda Viramontes, RLDC Co-chair
    Jeny Teheran, RLDC Co-chair
    Anthony Jara, Region 4 Vice-President
    Rodrigo Lopez, Region 6 Vice-President