2021 RLDC 4 & 6

  • Virtual | This event has passed

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Is it too late to register?

    You can continue to register right up through the first day of the event.

  • Are we able to submit a bulk registration?

    Bulk registration is an alternative option for chapters who are paying for 5 or more registration fees with a university/college check, money order, or credit card. Please see the Bulk Registration Form for more information.

  • How do I upload my resume in advance?

    You should have already uploaded your resume so that the exhibitors were able to view it in advance. But if you didn't, there's no time like the present! Uploading your resume before your RLDC allows more visibility to the sponsors and exhibitors who will be recruiting and hiring at the Career Fair and Graduate School Expo.

    UPLOAD FOR RLDC 5 & 7 >

    UPLOAD FOR RLDC 4 & 6 >

    UPLOAD FOR RLDC 1, 2, & 3 >

    You will also be asked to upload your resume as part of setting up your profile in the platform. This is required when you screen with a company or interview as well and will be visible to all attendees. Your profile and resume can be updated any time you need to during the event.

  • When will I get my sign in information for the platform?

    The event is being held on the Brazen platform. Please be on the lookout for an email from SHPE on the Wednesday before the event opens with your links to sign in and set up your account. If you do not have the email as of Thursday morning, and it's not in your spam, please email registration@shpe.org.

    Once you're signed into Brazen, go ahead and set up your profile with your picture, LinkedIn profile, resume, and other information. This profile is what the exhibitors and sponsors will see.

    IMPORTANT: The Brazen platform considers each day to be a standalone event, so you will receive three links - one for each day. The system will remember you, however, so you should not have to set up your profile more than once.

  • What items should I have ready to sign in and complete my profile?

    The first time you sign into the platform, you will need to “Register” and create your profile. You will be required to include your name, photo, city, state, resume, and SHPE member ID number.

  • If I update my resume mid-conference, how do I re-upload it to Brazen?

    From the event Lobby select the Registration icon on the left side of your screen. You can update any of the items in your profile including your resume.

    Note: Brazen only allows for one resume to be uploaded to your profile. If you upload a new resume, Brazen will overwrite the previous version.

  • How do I access the conference schedule?

    You can view the RLDC conference schedule on the SHPE website.

    RLDC 1, 2, & 3 Agenda

    RLDC 4 & 6 Agenda

    RLDC 5 & 7 Agenda

    In the event Lobby on the right side of your screen you will also see a list of upcoming Video Broadcast sessions for that day.

  • How do I see who is attending the RLDC?

    During the sessions you will be able to see who is participating via messages under the Discussion tab.

    For those sessions and networking events held in Zoom you will be able to see and hear attendees who are participating.

  • What is the dress code?

    Business attire on the top and casual attire on the bottom is appropriate for the virtual conference.

    You will be on camera at the Career Fair and during some of the sessions, so be aware of your appearance and your surroundings. We recommend you find a quiet, distraction-free, appropriate space to attend the event. Ideally, you'll be upright and attentive while on camera.

    And please remember to mute yourself and turn off your camera as needed to take breaks. (Don't take your laptop or phone on your break with you, please!)

  • What is the code of conduct?

    Remember to be professional and follow the code of conduct you agreed to when you registered. Following these rules of behavior ensures that we all have a successful and enjoyable convention. Read the Rules of Behavior >

  • What are the virtual room capacities? Will any events be full?

    We do not expect any session to exceed the max capacity, but it can't hurt to arrive early just in case!

  • Can I share my experience on social media?

    Yes! We hope you'll post about your experience on social media and tag us (@SHPE on Twitter, @SHPENational on Facebook and Instagram, and @societyofhispanicengineers on LinkedIn - see social links below). Suggested hashtags include #RLDC2021, #SHPEFamilia, #HispanicsinSTEM, #LatinXinSTEM, and #SHPEtinas. We might feature your post!

  • Where do I get all of the cool SHPE swag?

    The SHPE Mercado is your one-stop shop for SHPE swag! For a limited time, we're offering 15% off with the code 21RLDC15.

Career Fair and Graduate School Expo

  • What companies will be at the Career Fair?

    Companies participating in the Career Fair may be found using the link provided for Friday. Prior to the Career Fair you can read about their company or watching any videos they uploaded by clicking on their booth tile in the event Lobby.

    NOTE: A few sponsors have opted to sponsor workshops or attend but without a booth.

  • How do I chat with exhibitors?

    During the Career Fair on Friday, March 19, you will be able to chat with sponsor representatives.

    If the representative elects, they may ask you for an audio or video chat. You will be able to accept or decline the audio or video chat. We strongly encourage you to be camera ready and accept the invitation to speak with company representatives via your web cam/microphone.

    As a reminder - Be aware of your appearance and your surroundings. Dress professionally and come camera ready. We recommend you find a quiet, distraction-free, appropriate space to attend the Career Fair and Graduate School Expo.

  • How long will I have to speak with exhibitors during the Career Fair?

    Each chat can last up to seven minutes. If the company representative chooses to do so, they may extend the chat.

    Please note: if there is a large number of attendees in line and/or the sponsor needs to leave their booth, they may elect not to extend the chat.

  • How many chats can I engage in at one time?

    Since we are encouraging video chatting, you will be able to participate in one chat at a time.

  • Can I rejoin the line to talk with the organization if I have already chatted with them once?

    Yes, if the exhibitor allows it, you will be able to chat again with the company once 60 minutes has passed since the end of your first chat.

    Note that as a way to best manage their time, some exhibitors may choose not to allow multiple visits.

  • What can organization representatives see about me?

    Organization representatives will see all the items you included when creating your profile. This includes the required fields – name, photo, city, state, resume, SHPE member ID number and any of the other questions you answered when completing your profile.

  • Can I request to speak with a specific representative in the booth?

    No, Brazen randomly assigns you to a booth representative.

    At the end of your chat, if the representative deems it appropriate, they may forward your information to a colleague for follow up.

  • Will sponsors be posting open opportunities?

    The sponsors do have the option of including open opportunities in their organization. You will find these on the “Opportunities” tab in the booth.

    When joining the line to chat, you may be asked to answer pre-qualifying questions for these opportunities. Even if you do not meet the pre-qualifications you may join the line to meet with a representative.

  • Can I copy and paste greetings and information about myself to use in multiple chats?

    You may save snippets of text and use them again in your chats. You will first need to type the text in a discussion with a representative. Then you will be able to click on the chat plus icon on the right side of the text to save that snippet of text.

    Be careful about including too much text in your snippets. Representatives want to have a conversation with you. Providing too much for them to read may delay the time you have to speak via video.

  • If I don’t get a chance to speak with a representative, can I drop off my resume?

    If the organization has provided an e-mail address when they set up their booth, there will be a place for you to drop off your resume in the booth.

Educational Sessions

  • How do I participate in the sessions?

    From the event Lobby you will see Video Broadcast tiles with the day and time of the session in the center section of your screen.

    To access a session, click on the tile. Once inside you will see/hear the session once the broadcast has started.

    Some sessions will use Zoom. Enter the session as directed above and then click on “Join the session in Zoom.”

    Additionally, a list of upcoming Video Broadcast sessions will be on the right side of the screen in the event Lobby.

  • Will I be on camera during the conference?

    Yes! In many sessions you may be asked to turn on your web cam. Additionally, you may be asked for a video chat during the Career Fair.

    Be aware of your appearance and your surroundings. Dress appropriately and come camera ready. We recommend you find a quiet, distraction-free, appropriate space to attend the event. Ideally, you'll be upright and attentive while on camera.

    And please remember to mute yourself and turn off your camera as needed to take breaks. (Don't take your laptop or phone on your break with you, please!)

  • Will sessions be recorded?

    Yes, sessions will be recorded. A link to the recording will be added in session description within Brazen by the next day. A link to the recordings will also be included in the post conference e-mail.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email the Committee at rldc46@shpe.org.