Virtual Noche de Ciencias

MAY 18, 19, & 20 | Join 3rd–12th grade students from across the country for one of three free virtual science night events filled with STEM! Engage with college students, university professors, and industry professionals.


These three events are now full and registration is closed. See you soon!

Join 3rd–12th grade students' for a virtual science night filled with STEM!

Engage with college students, university professors, and industry professionals. Students will be provided a FREE KiwiCo activity kit. The activity kits will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to register early if you want to receive a kit for the live hands-on activity. Participants MUST have access to Zoom in order to participate.

Event Includes:

  • Fun hands-on STEM activities
  • Keynote speakers & panelists
  • Useful college information for parents & students

Do you excel at math? Are you drawn to solving problems? Do you enjoy building things with your hands or mind? Starting early is the key to successfully exploring a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

Video Credit: SHPE Twin Cities Professional Chapter

What is Noche de Ciencias™?

Noche de Ciencias™ events engage and inspire Hispanic youth (and their parents) to pursue STEM degrees and careers and ultimately advance SHPE’s mission and vision.

Noche de Ciencias™ programming is aligned with impactful STEM after-school programs that yield STEM specific benefits, such as pursuing STEM education and career paths later in life. Noche de Ciencias™ objectives are grouped into three (3) main categories:​

  • STEM Awareness and Interest: I KNOW STEM. Increase students’ awareness of and interest in STEM so that they can properly identify the different degrees, careers, and industries within the STEM field.​
  • SELF-EFFICACY IN STEM: I CAN DO STEM. Empower and strengthen students’ self-confidence in pursuing and achieving STEM degrees and careers.​
  • SELF-IDENTITY IN STEM: I AM STEM. Provide students opportunities to think and act as STEM professionals.​

These objectives are accomplished through interactive STEM activities, networking opportunities, and sharing information on SHPE, as well as, by helping parents understand STEM opportunities through bilingual Parent Workshops.

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