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CEO Corner March 2019 – Blasting Through the Wall

After what felt like a month of nonstop travel, from D.C. to Salt Lake City to D.C. to Phoenix back to D.C. to Chicago then Charleston and back to D.C., I experienced something that’s seldom happened to me: I hit a wall. Worse still, I’d come down with a cold. (Pro tip: When you’re on a plane for tens of hours a week in February, take some Emergen-C before, during and after your flights). I felt exhausted, drained, even defeated. Like the weight of everything was bearing down unrelentingly.But I know now it wasn’t just the breakneck schedule causing me to feel this way. It was also the pressure of having to be the voice and face of a national organization, of having to always be at my absolute best.
Raquel Tamez High Quality