RLDC 1 Workshops

RLDC 1 Participants 2020

RLDC 1 Workshop Descriptions
Conference Theme: “Adelante! Adventure Beyond!”

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Student Required Workshops

  • Reaching New Heights: Networking & Negotiating 101


    Leverage yourself to be successful! Learn practical negotiating skills that can be applied during any conversation from earning a promotion, positioning yourself to be successful in your hardest classes, to establishing successful relationships through networking smarter. Present actionable items and how to become an asset that others need.

  • Navigating the Crossroads: Personal and Professional Success


    Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Find out about how to navigate the ins and outs of the workplace by goal setting and investing time wisely for future success. Explore ways to stay relevant in the workforce.

  • Soar Above the Norm: Interview Preparation


    Refine your strategy and approach to interview preparation. Get tips on how to impress the interviewer, proper etiquette, and how to handle awkward scenarios.

  • Leading the Pack: How to Influence with Style


    Discover the various leadership styles to help identify your strengths. Use it to help lead others to enable their full potential. In addition, learn how to lead when you’re not in charge.

Student Optional Workshops

  • Grad School Informational


    Here’s your chance to learn more about the process of applying to Graduate school for both Master and Ph.D. programs! Learn about how to pick an area of research, differences between thesis and non-thesis options, how to find and pick the right advisor, and an insight into the graduate life from current master and Ph.D. students within Region 1.

  • Scale Success Through Diversity, Inclusion, & Conflict Resolution

    Will Davis

    Understanding of conflict resolution styles and how diversity & inclusion enable and support success in teams.

  • Tech Talk #1 with a NASA JPL Systems Engineer

    Christina Hernandez

    Explore and learn about the last five years of Mars2020’s development from the perspective of its science instruments. Instruments that will be our tools to understanding the key goals of the Mars2020 Rover Mission: looking for habitability, seeking biosignatures, caching samples, and preparing for humans. Join Christina as she deep dives into one of her latest projects!

  • Rise Up as Allies For LGBTQ+ Inclusion

    Will Davis

    Review of LGBTQ+ terminology and the differences between gender, identity, and sexual orientation. Principles of allyship and how to create inclusive safe spaces for all individuals.

  • Tech Talk #2


    Spotlight on Tech covering a TBD topic.

  • Find Your Anchor: Reshaping the Undocumented Narrative


    You are legally permitted to go to college in the United States as an undocumented student. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Find out how and why the Undocu narrative is changing and how to serve as an ally/accomplice for the Undocu community.

  • Mental Health Gymnastics: How to Keep a Healthy Mind


    Engineering is one of the hardest disciplines. According to the 2020 Active Minds study, about 39% of college students experience a mental health issue and 2/3 of students don’t seek treatment*. These tips will help identify and manage your stress to develop healthy habits to ensure your mental well-being. Mental health can affect your body and work performance. Learn about the power of mindset and how to view setbacks as learning opportunities. Workshop will also go over techniques that foster relearning creativity.

  • Reach for Peak Performance Through Inclusive Leadership

    Will Davis

    Learn the top 6 traits to become an inclusive leader (commitment, courage, cognizance of bias, curiosity, cultural intelligence, and collaborative) and how they enable individual and team success.

Grad Student Workshops

  • Don’t Trip & Fall: Preparing for Conferences


    Spend time discussing general practices on how to prepare for Engineering Conferences that are specific to your field of study. Participants will learn the benefits of attending field-specific conferences, as well as how to prepare and deliver a presentation regarding research work.

  • Stay on the Path: The Search for Grad School Funding


    Learn more about the pros and cons about different graduate education funding options such as scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, and loans. We will also discuss the differences between attending graduate school after undergraduate school vs attending graduate school as a working professional.

  • RLDC 1 Research Poster Competition


    Present your research and graduation work during this exhibition! Pass on knowledge, receive critical feedback, and practice your speech on your topic of study.

Professionals Workshops

  • Lift as You Climb: Mentoring the Future


    Mentoring not only advances the mentee but also rewards the mentor. In order to develop others, build leadership skills and lead a team, you must know how to communicate and motivate them. Being a mentor is a great way to hone in on those skills and help lift the next generation of professionals. Participants will have a chance to practice being a mentor during the MentorSHPE segment following this workshop

  • Adventure Beyond Engineering: Be Successful with Your Finances


    Do you know your financial retirement number? Are you looking to buy your first house or want to invest in real estate? Learn how to manage your personal finances, about the various investment vehicles and which one you can leverage. Come join in the discussion!

  • Wisdom from The Slopes: Entrepreneurship - Reimagine + Transform


    Latino-owned businesses are making strides but also struggle harder to get financing and earn liquidity. In today’s world, entrepreneurship is a hot topic. But what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? Join us for a dynamic panel of local Latinx entrepreneurs as they engage in conversation about their journey of running their own business.

  • Reaching the Top of the Mountain: Navigating Your Career to the C-Suite


    What does it take to reach the C-suite? Do you really need an MBA? Can anyone reach this corporate goal or is it just for a select few? Come listen to a top-level executive about his/her journey to reach their current position. Learn how to navigate the slope up to a corporate position.

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