RLDC 2 Workshops

RLDC 2 Participants 2019

RLDC 2 Workshop Descriptions

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General Workshops

  • Finance


    Learn how to manage your salary, budget and retirement. Strategies on budgeting and long-term financial goals will be addressed. In addition, the budgeting section will describe how to distribute income among different expenses and planning for retirement will include an explanation on 401k and other investment options.

  • SHPEtina Panel


    You are a Wonder Woman! Learn how your fellow SHPEtinas are “rising to the challenge” and overcoming adversity in their roles to become respected engineers. During this panel, you’ll have the opportunity to see how they’re making their impact by asking your own questions.

  • Public Speaking


    Learn the do’s and don’ts of public speaking and how to adapt your presentation skills depending on your audience, topic and area. How to adopt your personal strengths and weaknesses, reading your audience, and how to properly engage the audience will be addressed.

  • SHPEology

    SHPE Staff

    SHPEology covers how you can tap into the amazing brand and platform of our organization. Learn from the success stories of your own SHPE Familia members, the plethora of resources existing and upcoming, and what's hot off the press for brand new developing initiatives. SHPE's Senior Leadership & National Board of Directors will be present to provide Q&A and help bring you into the future of SHPE for Life.

  • Networking Luncheon


    Create new connections with your fellow SHPE members over lunch.

Professional Workshops

  • Executive Panel (various industries)

    An executive panel of 3-5 executives from various industries sharing their professional development stories

  • Understanding your market value


    Understand your value as an employee and leveraging it during negotiation.

  • Career Management


    Charting your career and making a 1, 5- and 15-year plan. Pros and cons between having a plan and “winging it.” How and when to make a career change.

  • Self-Promotion


    Learn about Self-Promotion. What are you promoting? What is and is not self-promoting and why do you need self-promotion

  • Work/Life/Family Balance/Planning


    Learn the value of time managing and personal/self-care. The differences between work/life balance and work/life integration and which is best suited for you will be addressed.

  • Leadership


    Discover your leadership style and personality type to effectively lead your team. Learn how to take advantage of your team members’ personalities to resolve conflicts and meet deadlines

Student Workshops

  • Professionalism


    Learn how to successfully transition from student life to professional life, how to create a competitive resume and how to succeed in interviews. Dress code and standard email etiquette will also be explained.

  • School/Life Balance


    Learn the importance of time-management with emphasis on mental health.

  • Positivity


    Understand how to be open and willing to accept new challenges. Emphasis on positive outlooks.

  • Getting a Job


    Discover new tips on finding jobs, applying, interviewing, and considering offers. Learn how to successfully apply through LinkedIn, company websites, and career fairs. Will also explain the application process and provide resume and interviewing tips.

  • Self-Identification Reassurance


    Experience how to challenge the notion of imposter syndrome as you attend school and transition to the workplace. Learn how to take ownership of your own abilities and thrive in an environment you may feel out of place in.

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