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RLDC 5 Participants 2019

RLDC 5 Workshop Descriptions
Conference Theme: “Reaching New Heights”

Full Agenda

  • Financial Literacy

    Aileen Tapia
    William Gonzalez
    Rockwell Automation

    How much do you know about money? Maybe a little, maybe a lot – so let’s talk about finances. We often find ourselves going through a huge learning curve when we think about money – however, we want to break that cycle. We will explore topics such as: How can we best manage our money as we transition to the corporate world? My company offers benefits – how do I understand what they really mean? The objective is to bring awareness to a subject that for many is a taboo.

  • Examining Emotional Intelligence

    Will Davis

    In this workshop, we will explore and explain the emotionally intelligent qualities that set apart exceptional employees and catalyze career growth, as well as how to develop and hone these qualities.

  • Instilling a Culture of Accountability

    James C. Narey
    SHPE | Lockheed Martin

    Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results. Learn about the importance of accountability in leadership and how to cultivate and maintain it within your community’s culture.

  • Networking in the Workplace

    Juan Bravo

    As one traverses the corporate ladder, the skills needed to succeed often shifts from a focus on technical skills to that of interpersonal skills. We will explore this and more as we enlighten aspiring engineers and young professionals about career moves to make when transitioning from an engineering role to a managerial/leadership-focused role.

  • Professional Branding

    Manny de la Cruz

    Your personal brand is your best protection against professional factors that are outside of your control. One cultivates a positive personal brand through social media as well as through interpersonal interactions. Here is your chance to discuss and reinforce the value of personal branding and how to cultivate your own.

  • Servant Leadership

    Fernando Ceballos
    SHPE DFW | Pape-Dawson Engineers

    As said by Robert Greenleaf, “Good leaders must first become good servants.” We will first explain the philosophy of servant leadership and how it is distinct from traditional ideas of management. The objective is to impart the values and qualities of servant leadership and show how you can use the servant-leader philosophy to catalyze positive change in your community

  • SHPEology

    Brianne Martin
    Senior Manager, Membership Relations, SHPE

    SHPEology covers how you can tap into the amazing brand and platform of our organization. Learn from the success stories of your own SHPE Familia members, the plethora of resources existing and upcoming, and what’s hot off the press for brand new developing initiatives. SHPE’s Senior Leadership & National Board of Directors will be present to provide Q&A and help bring you into the future of SHPE for Life.

  • Women in Management

    Cristina Burrola

    Women’s representation in management is higher than it has ever been. However, this growth has yet to be significantly reflected within STEM fields. During this panel, we will talk with a series of female leaders within male-dominated fields in order to learn from their first-hand experiences. Sponsored by Cummins.

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