RLDC 6 Workshops

RLDC 6 Participants 2019

RLDC 6 Workshop Descriptions
Conference Theme: “Lift as You Climb”

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Student Workshops

  • Harness the Power of Productivity Speaker


    Learn how to tackle the demands in today’s fast paced work environment. Outline versatile time management and organization skills that will boost your efficiency in the work field.

  • Your Network is Your Net Worth


    Prepare yourself for the competitive nature that exists in today's work environment where achieving career success requires more than just hard work. Recognize how leaders leverage these relationships to gain the support and resources required to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

  • Time to Talk Money


    Understand and take control of your financial situation, especially after graduation. Identify the necessary tools needed to avoid debt and develop a sustainable financial situation that will become your foundation in future endeavors.

  • Building a Legacy: Strategic Planning for Career Success


    Familiarize yourself with the paths of career advancement. Participants will determine how to evaluate opportunities, understand how to leverage their network to obtain their desired career progression, and how to prepare for the opportunity once it arrives!

  • Leading Innovation and Sustainability


    Discover the current trends that surround the field of engineering today and the practicality of turning these ideas into reality.

  • Achieving Financial Freedom


    Accomplish financial freedom means having the ability to support your daily expenses without the need of a working paycheck. Learn general techniques on proper investments and savings that will allow you to manage your finances.

  • Master Your Voice


    Succeed at public speaking does not come naturally to everyone, and can be intimidating to those who lack experience talking to large audiences. Become more confident in your voice and learn about topics such as: body language, eye contact, tone, and useful tips and tricks during a presentation.

  • SHPEtina Panel


    Explore the SHPEtina panel by Cummins as they strive to accelerate Latina representation at all levels of corporate and academic leadership in STEM. Our speakers will outline the obstacles that Latinas in STEM had to overcome. Participants will interpret the different perspectives of each speaker and evaluate the best path(s) for their career.

  • Building and Leading High-Performance Teams


    Strengthen your teamwork skills. Improve communication skills and identify how to utilize your colleague’s strengths, establish working relationships, and express trust in each other. Recognize how operating with the highest ethical standards builds high-performance teams.

  • Engineer Your Brand: A Guide to Self-Branding


    Learn about product marketing principles and how they can be applied through your own personal brand. Promote yourself by identifying what makes you unique.

  • SHPEology

    SHPE Staff

    SHPEology covers how you can tap into the amazing brand and platform of our organization. Learn from the success stories of your own SHPE Familia members, the plethora of resources existing and upcoming, and what's hot off the press for brand new developing initiatives. SHPE's Senior Leadership & National Board of Directors will be present to provide Q&A and help bring you into the future of SHPE for Life.

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