2020 RLDC Region 7

  • Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
  • Atlanta, Georgia

RLDC 7 Workshops

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RLDC 7 Workshop Descriptions

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  • Adapting to New Work Environments


    This course will explore ways to adjust and feel confident when entering a new workplace.

  • Cultivating Enthusiasm


    Here we will explore the value of enthusiasm in leadership and how to cultivate it within your community.

  • Managing Time and Stress


    The aim of this course is to provide you with techniques to minimize time wasted throughout the day, as well as how to approach life situations to minimize unhealthy stress on your mind and body.

  • From Engineering to Corporate


    To enlighten aspiring engineers and young professionals about career moves to make when transitioning from an engineering role to a managerial/leadership-focused role.

  • How to Talk the Talk - Public Speaking


    In this workshop, we will cover the basics of preparing for public speaking engagements and how to overcome stage fright in order to convey a powerful message to your audience.

  • Instilling a Culture of Accountability


    Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results. Learn about the importance of accountability in leadership and how to cultivate and maintain it within your community's culture.

  • Navigating Conflict and Working as a Team


    Here, we will discuss problem-solving techniques that can be utilized in a team setting, and how to foster a team-centered environment.

  • Networking in the Workplace


    This is why we will discuss the importance of building and investing in professional relationships in the workplace, as well as provide an overview on how to effectively build relationships with all levels of peers.

  • Professional Branding


    Your personal brand is your best protection against professional factors that are outside of your control. Here is your chance to discuss and reinforce the value of personal branding and how to cultivate your own.

  • Servant Leadership


    The objective is to impart the values and qualities of servant leadership and show how you can utilize the servant leader philosophy to catalyze positive change in your community

  • Women in Management (SHPEtina Panel)

    Raquel Tamez

    During this panel, we will talk with a series of female leaders within male-dominated fields in order to learn from their first-hand experiences.

  • The Exceptional Employee

    Regional Staff

    In this workshop, we will explore and explain the emotionally intelligent qualities that set apart exceptional employees and catalyze career growth, as well as how to develop and hone these qualities.

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