SHPE | SMU-Cox Rising Latino Leaders Professional Development Certificate

SHPE in collaboration with SMU-Cox Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) offers participants the opportunity to complete the SHPE | SMU-Cox Rising Latino Leaders Professional Development Certificate Program. SMU Cox’s LLI is the country’s only dedicated business school-based executive education program focused exclusively on cultivating and growing today’s and tomorrow’s Latino business leaders.


Why We Offer This Certificate Program

Because investing in diversity pays a big ROI. By investing money and resources into Hispanic employees, organizations will be poised to see more financial growth. Diversity is a true value add. This effort will make America’s corporations better equipped and prepared to grow and compete in the industries they serve – while equally contributing towards stimulating economic growth and global competitiveness by most effectively developing a talent pool that will create new markets, multiply current purchasing power projections and further define America’s future.

Why This Opportunity Is Unique

This executive education program is a unique, culturally immersive experience, and it gives Hispanics a fertile environment where they can grow in areas such as effective leadership; building strong, effective teams; developing influence and social capital; executive presence; and driving performance, engagement and trust. Participants also gain an understanding of personal biases and how the biases of others may influence effective communications and success in business environments.

Over four and a half days, participants get practical, interactive learning experiences, individual assessments and case study review. Senior managers help you develop critical business and leadership skills, achieve a deeper understanding of how aspects of the Hispanic culture can affect performance and achievement, and gain business acumen and tools for maintaining authenticity.

SMU Cox tenured professors and industry leaders enhance the curriculum with relevant, cultural experiences to prepare high-potential individuals to make the transition to dynamic senior leaders.

Program Details
Cost:$2,800 SHPE Member
$4,800 Non-Member
($4,995 retail value!)
Dates: August 30 - September 3, 2021
Slots Available:35
Note:Prior to the program, each participant will complete a DISC self-assessment were the results will be utilized throughout the 4.5 day program.

Program Agenda

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    This day is all about the individual!

    AM Session – “Cultural Awareness and Self-Awareness” will focus on why cultural connectedness is important and how having a “Hispanic insider” lends a new perspective on how to effectively penetrate new markets and further tap into current markets.

    PM Session
    – “Becoming an Effective Leader” will be centered on personal leadership styles and will also include a debrief of their personal assessments with a trained facilitator.


    This day focuses on authentic innovation!

    AM Session – “Creating a Culture of Innovation and Change” will teach participants to identify and utilize different sources of power and influence to achieve organizational and career objectives.

    PM Session – will explore how to present authentically and powerfully stir your audience into action - “Executive Presence.”


    This day is about the individual with focus on relationships to drive performance!

    AM Session – “Driving Performance, Engagement and Trust” will teach participants to encourage and empower employees to strive for excellence.

    PM Session – “Having Difficult Conversations” is about confronting issues head on and holding difficult conversations that get the results that are needed.


    This day focuses on business acumen!

    AM Session – Starting with how people and organizations measure and make money, as well as create value - “Business Acumen: Financial Statements.” A case study is used to set the stage.

    PM Session – “Effective Communication” will end the day with a discussion about communication and how it can be used to impact a changing workplace and world


    This final day is all about establishing and launching a leadership brand!

    AM Session – “Establishing Your Leadership Brand for Maximum Impact and Visibility” will help participants evaluate their informal and formal networks and develop more effective ways to build their leadership brand, as well as learn to utilize networking tools and social media to implement their brand.

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