Spring 2022 Membership Campaign

We're on the path to a record-breaking 15,000 members and YOU and your chapter are the key to success!



It's simple math. If every current SHPE member were to recruit just ONE new member, we'd double our size. And with 80,000 Hispanic engineering undergraduates in the U.S. and many more in STEM overall, this is a very modest goal. With your help, we can do it!

Use the tools provided below to share SHPE. Let your colleagues and classmates know that SHPE provides the opportunities that Hispanics in STEM want -

  • A network of 13,000 and growing
  • Careers with Fortune 500 companies
  • Skill-building workshops and webinars
  • Over $1M in scholarships
  • Mentors, mentees, and more

Compete against other chapters to see who can recruit the most new members! See below for details on the March Madness Contest including cash prizes and bragging rights.

Recruitment Tools

  • Email Template

    If you are able to reach out to the engineering and/or STEM majors at your school or professionals in your area, you might use the following in an email to them. Feel free to edit as appropriate. NOTE: Text in [italics] requires editing/personalization.

    Subject Line: SHPE has what you want.

    Pre-Header: We offer opportunities for Hispanics in STEM like you.

    Dear Fellow STEM [Student/Professional],

    As a [professional/student] in STEM, I want to make you aware of SHPE, the premier membership organization for Hispanics in STEM.

    As a leading Hispanic in STEM, we know you are interested in opportunities to have a competitive advantage in your career. SHPE offers those opportunities through its 13,000+ strong member network, expert-led webinars and workshops, access to Fortune 500 companies, and the largest gathering of Hispanics in STEM at the National Convention.

    Here’s how to seize those opportunities: 1) Join the SHPE Familia. 2) Add 13,000+ contacts to your career toolbox. 3) Catapult your career. So join us now and enjoy a turbo-charged career and the opportunity to change the world.

    Join now and you’ll be a member through June 30, 2022 for the low price of [Junior→ $5, Undergraduates → $10, Graduates → $15, Professionals --> $65] for the [insert member type: Junior, Undergrad, Graduate, Professional] membership.

    The [insert your chapter name here] chapter of SHPE would love to have you join our community! Each year, we [insert activities, meetings, and any other info specific to your chapter].

    [JOIN NOW button - use this link https://www.shpe.org/membership]

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email address here] or [phone #].

    [insert name/title]


    1) Create a new account on www.shpeconnect.org
    2) Click on Join Membership
    3) Select Member Type [Junior, Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional] and add to your shopping cart
    4) Select [insert region/chapter info] and add to your cart. If there is no chapter near you, please join as a member-at-large for your particular region.
    5) Proceed to review your shopping cart and finish checking out.

    6) All memberships will be extended to expire on June 30, 2022. Please allow 10-14 business days for this new expiration date to show up in your account.

  • Marketing Fliers

    Here are fliers you can use in your marketing efforts:

    A Flier for Current Members - Hand it out to your chapter members to encourage them to bring just one friend into SHPE (Message: BYOBuddy) Download Flier >

    A Flier for Prospective Members - For your current members to use when recruiting for SHPE (Message: SHPE has what you want - opportunity) Download Flier >

    Places to hand out or display the prospective member flier:

    • Set up a table in your engineering or other STEM building

    • Ask to leave fliers at the student association info table

    • Post fliers near the dining hall, gym, restrooms, rec centers, and other student gathering places

    • Office break room or mailroom

    • ERG office (or share with ERG leadership)

    1. Social Media Copy & Graphics

      In addition to chapter and region pages sharing, you might try to get local STEM organizations, departments, or schools to share this offer on their social media to try and attract new members.


      When you know about a good thing, you share it with your friends, and SHPE is a good thing. So share it. Share the network. Share the skill building. Share the opportunities. SHARE THIS POST with this copy: I’ve got an opportunity to share! 13,000+ leading Hispanics in STEM are SHPE members and you should be too. You’re missing out on networking, skill building, and career opportunities. SPECIAL OFFER: Join the [insert chapter name here] SHPE chapter now and your membership will be effective through June 30, 2022. https://www.shpe.org/membership

      #SHPE #Latinx #STEM #LatinxInSTEM #diversity #SHPEfamilia #SHPE4life


      Tell a friend about the opportunities SHPE offers! Share this with: I’ve got a secret to share! 13K+ leading Hispanics in STEM are #SHPE members and u should be too. SPECIAL OFFER: Join now and you’re a member thru 6/30/22. https://www.shpe.org/membership

      *Please tag @SHPE on Twitter and @SHPENational on Facebook and Instagram;

      And tag the appropriate region page

      Share the Join the Leading Hispanics in STEM video: https://youtu.be/TuJwUcCtPaE


      Right click on the graphics below to download.

    2. Student Outreach Tactic

      In a focus group with current student chapter leaders, we became aware of an effective recruiting method being used by many of our student chapters. The chapter leaders go to the professors of introductory, 100-level STEM classes (engineering, math, computer science, etc.) and request 5-10 minutes during one of those classes to present SHPE as a resource for STEM students.

      Some of the tools they’ve found helpful include:

    The March Madness Contest

    To make it interesting, the chapters are challenged to compete head-to-head. The 3 student, 3 professional, and 1 emerging chapters with the highest percentage growth from March 1 to March 30 will win bragging rights and prizes.


    Certificate and public recognition as a "Top SHPE Recruiter" +

    Active Professional & Student Chapter Winners

    1st Place $1000
    $500 Cash and $500 Mercado Credit

    2nd Place $500
    $250 Cash and $250 Mercado Credit

    3rd Place $250
    $125 Cash and $125 Mercado Credit

    Emerging Chapter Winner
    Chapter Starter Kit ($500 value)

    • Tablecloth
    • Banner
    • Chapter Officer Business Cards*
    • Chapter Officer Name Tags*

    *For 2022-2023 officers

    Chapters with the highest % of growth win; Active professional, active student, and emerging chapters are in separate categories; Every Tuesday, leaders will be posted in SHPE Nation and full results shared with regional leaders; Competition starts at 12:01am PT on March 1 and ends at 11:59pm PT on March 31; If there's a tie, other chapter performance requirements will be used as tie breakers (CMTs, NCP reports, etc); Winners will be announced Wednesday, April 6; Prizes will either be a direct deposit to your chapter account or funds covered for SHPE Mercado order(s)

    Download contest flier >