Junior Chapters

Starting early is the key to successfully exploring a future in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. If you’re a high school student, and you think STEM might be the path for you, join a SHPE Jr. Chapter today. If your school doesn’t have one, let’s start one together!


What’s in it for you.

Do you excel at math? Are you drawn to solving problems? Do you enjoy building things with your hands or mind? If found yourself nodding your head just now, SHPE Jr. is where you belong. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, because SHPE is excited to help you figure it. We offer a ton of different programs and events so you can start discovering what’s right for you:


Mentorship is an important way SHPE ensures you're not alone in your studies or extracurriculars. SHPE can pair you with a mentor who wants to help you love STEM as much as they do. You can never have enough role models and connections in STEM!


It’s not always what you know. Many times it’s who you know. Joining SHPE gives countless opportunities to connect as a member of our familia. And just like family, we’re here when you need us. We love to say, #SHPEforLife!

Stand Out with your Applications

Involvement in your Junior chapter looks great on your college application. You’ll build personal, leadership, and professional skills. SHPE’s stellar reputation among leading academic institutions means that when they see you’re a SHPE member, they already know you will be well-equipped to be an awesome part of their incoming class.

Noche de Ciencias

These interactive “family science nights” for high school students and families bring STEM to life. Imagine yourself in different STEM careers and discover what excites you. All the while, your parents learn how to support you in achieving these new found ambitions.


Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we award more than $300,000 in scholarships to 150+ of our student members every year. You could be one of them. See more > [link to scholarship page]

The SHPE Junior network is still growing. If there is already an active chapter near you, awesome! Join today. But if there isn’t, we can’t wait to help you get one started. Let’s make Junior Chapters available everywhere young and aspiring STEM leaders live.

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SHPE junior chapters serve as student clubs that provide consistent engagement in STEM topics and reinforce connections with other SHPE chapters through mentorship.