Student Chapters

If you’re a Hispanic STEM student, you’re in good company. 80% of SHPE’s members are students, and they’re attending hundreds of different high schools, colleges, and technical programs all over the country. With this kind of reach, there is bound to be one near you. If not, let’s start one today!


What’s in it for you.

SHPE started out as just a couple of college chapters in California. Now, there are more than 200 student chapters across the nation, ensuring that if you’re a Hispanic in STEM, you are not alone. Joining a chapter at your school is getting the best of both worlds. You receive the benefits of a large, well-connected, national organization but with a personal, local emphasis on what you need right now.


It’s not always what you know. Many times it’s who you know. Joining SHPE gives countless opportunities to connect on a local, regional, and national level making you a member of our familia. And just like family, we’re here when you need us. We love to say, #SHPEforLife!

Resume Building

Involvement in your student chapter looks great on your resume. SHPE’s brand and stellar reputation among leading STEM companies means that when they see you’re a SHPE member, they can rest assure you will be equipped with the skills and tools needed to be a truly great employee.


Mentorship is another way SHPE ensures you're not alone in your studies or career. SHPE can pair you with a professional mentor who wants to help guide and challenge you to reach your full potential. You can never have enough role models and connections in STEM!

Skill Development

Chapter involvement allows you to build and hone skills you may not be exposed to in the classroom. Whether it’s event planning, program execution, networking, or public speaking, you’ll grow as a leader and future scientist, mathematician or engineer.

Career Advancement

SHPE’s Career Center
is the leading online career hub and job board for Hispanic STEM professionals, serving more than 36,000 members. It’s where candidates go to find the right jobs and where employers go to find highly-qualified STEM talent. Start your career anytime, anywhere.

Wherever you are in the country, there’s probably a SHPE chapter nearby. Hundreds of community colleges, colleges, and universities already have SHPE chapters. And if your school hasn’t established a chapter yet, we’ll help you get one off the ground.

Chapter Documents of Interest

SHPE Student Chapter Maps PDF

How to Establish a Chapter PDF

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Get started!

Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and become the founding member of a SHPE student chapter at your school. You’ll be able to say it was your idea, and what a way to make your resume look good!