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Creating a scholarship for SHPE members exhibits a unique commitment to the future of our Hispanic community. It’s your chance to be a hero and give the world what it needs: more diversity and innovation in STEM.


Sponsor a ScholarSHPE for students in need.

Financial need is the #1 reason why Hispanic students don’t complete a bachelor's degree. Thankfully, this problem has a simple solution: more financial assistance for education. But as we know, simple doesn’t mean easy. This is why we need the help of special supporters like you to fund the future of STEM.

Our ScholarSHPE sponsors make a huge impact in the lives of rising STEM leaders. Thanks to these sponsors, SHPE provided approximately $340,000 in scholarships in 2018 and more of our student members reached graduation. Our heroes may not wear capes, but they sure make our members look good in a cap and gown.

Scholarship Sponsor Benefits

All sponsors are featured on this scholarship page and receive their scholarship recipient’s profile, resumé, and current transcript directly from SHPE.

Scholarship contributions over $10,000 receive recognition on our website with a logo and hotlink, logo placement on onsite signage at SHPE Convention, and logo placement with a hotlink in all scholarship application announcement emails.

Contributors over $10,000 may also sponsor a co-branded scholarship website for an additional 2.5% fee.

Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines

  • Minimum contribution of $1,000 per scholarship.
  • Our standard administration fee for scholarships is 10% and includes two customizable scholarship parameters. Additional parameters are available for a 2.5% administration fee each. Possible parameters include: GPA; Major; College/University; geographic location; standardized test scores; class status.

Please go here for Corporate Sponsors Scholarship Form

"By having the support of the SHPE Familia through this scholarship I know that there is a group of people who believe I can succeed."

Camila Salomon, University of Southern California Winner SHPE Undergraduate Scholarship

Individual Sponsorship Guidelines

  • Individual contributors can start a tax-deductible scholarship through our ScholarSHPE program.
  • The minimum contribution for an individual scholarship fund to be named after the contributor is $2,000.

If you would like to make an individual contribution of less than $2,000, please go here to donate to SHPE Scholarships.

Thank you to our Scholarship Sponsors!

Our scholarships would not be possible without the support of these individuals and corporations who understand the value of graduating a diverse STEM workforce.

Bright Minds ScholarSHPE Campaign

According to the Pew Research Center, lack of financial resources is the number one reason why Hispanics don’t complete their STEM degree. SHPE is only able to award scholarships to 25 percent of the students who apply. Let’s all work together to help more members.SHPE’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 by the end of June 2021 so that we can provide scholarships for an unprecedented number of SHPE members. Every dollar donated to SHPE scholarships helps our members succeed!

Click here for Bright Minds Scholarship Campaign page.

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The Helen Cuesta Scholarship

"I am establishing a fund in her name, Helen Cuesta, to give a scholarship each year to a deserving female student in SHPE who has demonstrated the ability to overcome life’s obstacles and who doesn’t give up." - Miguel Alemañy

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Scholarship Sponsorship FAQs

How are student scholarship applications reviewed?

Scholarship applications are reviewed by an independent committee. Each written application component is anonymously reviewed by three different reviewers to ensure fairness.

What kind of parameters can a sponsor set?

Scholarship sponsors can submit specific parameters for their SHPE scholarships including, but not limited to: career goals, community involvement, creative/innovative accomplishments, diversity of background, financial need, gender, geographical area, GPA, grade level, leadership experience, major, preferred college or university, citizenship/visa type, and standardized test scores. We will do our best to accommodate your selected parameters and identify the best-fit candidate.

Are contributions towardSHPE scholarships tax-deductible?

The ScholarSHPE Program is administered by and through SHPE, so contributions are tax-deductible as permitted under the IRS 501 (c) (3) section rules.

Have questions? Email or give us a call at (323)725-3970 ext. 108.