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Juggling diversity initiatives and recruiting is overwhelming. SHPE is here to make it easier. Through our various events, we connect you with our SHPE student and professional members and you’re gaining access to some of the most gifted technical talent in the country.


Signature Events

At SHPE we know you want to help your organization become a champion for diversity and create innovative and successful teams. In order to do that you need to diverse candidates in your hiring pipeline. The problem is you have budgets to meet, time constraints and competing priorities which makes you feel overwhelmed. SHPE believes there should be more Hispanics in the STEM industry. We understand it is a lot to add diversity initiatives on top of your regular recruiting efforts which is why we have been guiding Hispanics in STEM for 45 years, and we are here to connect you with our SHPE members through our various events. With the opportunities like speaking on panels and strategic logo placement on marketing collateral, you’ll be proudly championing your organization’s commitment to innovation, education, and diversity.

National Convention

The SHPE National Convention serves as the country’s largest gathering of Hispanic STEM students and professionals, with more than 9,000 attendees each year. Your partnership helps educate our members, influences their career paths, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among rising STEM leaders.

  • Audience: 9,000+ student and professional members, academics, hiring managers, and more
  • Timing: Late Fall

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NILA (National Institute for Leadership Advancement)

NILA creates dynamic regional and chapter leaders across the nation to ensure that Hispanics are not only represented, but are influential drivers in the future of STEM. Your organization’s sponsorship of NILA will demonstrate your commitment to diversifying the pool of STEM leaders and making sure the brightest minds in STEM don’t go overlooked.

  • Audience: 180+ regional and chapter leaders
  • Timing: July-August

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RLDC (Regional Leadership Development Conferences)

Each of SHPE’s seven regional conferences provide opportunities for SHPE members to enhance their leadership skills and technical knowledge. Sponsorship of these events allows your organization to gain valuable, local exposure to highly motivated STEM students.

  • Audience: 200-600 participants per region
  • Timing: Late February - April

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“NILA was life-changing for me. I went in nervous and left with dozens of new friends and fresh ideas."

Karla Rivero Valles, National Undergraduate Representative 2016-2017

Event Sponsors

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Our nationally-recognized events would not be possible without the support of our dedicated sponsor organizations. They know that a diverse workforce generates innovation and progress, benefiting their bottom line and the global economy.

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